Media forgets Dalit victim in Hathras to pursue TRP blame game

Media circus (Representational Image) (Image credit: Deccan Herald)

Who is on the side of the people? The media, of course. Keeping the citizens informed, with minute to minute details of the unfolding national crisis. Count the number of talking heads and the decades of media wisdom between them.

Tweet by NDTV journalist Sanket Upadhyay

Order – order! The panel is in session. What is the agenda of the day?

The 70 lakh Coronavirus cases in India?

The Chinese incursions in Ladakh?

The Dalit victim in the Hathras incident?

No way. They have something far more important to talk about. As Sanket explains, this is a “very important 9 pm discussion of my life.” Who wants to discuss your life Sanket and why are you putting it on primetime?

I see. Even NDTV anchors can get their English grammar all mixed up when the excitement and tension is too high.

Not long ago, the media messiahs were shaking their heads in despair. Why won’t the country discuss real issues? What has happened to our media discourse?

And today, media has convened for the all important primetime discussion on TRP games!

Keep in mind. These cheap TRP battles wiped the Hathras case off our screens. This is how much the great humanitarians in media care for the people. This is how much they care about social justice, about Dalits, about women and about the nation in general.

If you ever want to see media in its lowest form, yesterday was the day.

Did you know that Maharashtra is No. 1 in Coronavirus cases in India?

Did you know that just a day before, Mumbai Police gave a clean chit to Deputy CM Ajit Pawar in alleged Rs 25,000 crore Maharashtra State Cooperative Bank scam?

But who cares? The Mumbai Police is doing a high voltage press conference on who may or may not have paid somebody Rs 500 to watch a TV channel.

And that’s the news. Definitely not the clean chit in alleged Rs 25,000 crore scam. Not the 15 lakh Coronavirus cases in Maharashtra. Nor the Dalit victim in Hathras and not the Chinese incursions on the LAC. The “news” is about TRP games.

Many years ago, there was a terrorist attack on the Indian Parliament. Nine of our brave security personnel died protecting the heart of Indian democracy. A famous media personality described it as a ‘great day.’ Why? Because of TRP.

This is who they are. From the Parliament attack of 2001 to the case in Hathras, they are vultures and only vultures. They pose as humanitarians, but in reality, they are vultures. That’s where the real danger is. They feel nothing. They pretend as if they feel everything.

It’s okay to be a vulture. The constitution gives them the right to be vultures. But for our own good, we need to be aware of these vultures among us.

There are a lot of good things about India, but the media is not one of them. For instance, do you remember the UPA era when headlines would be of 2 lakh crore scam and 1.76 lakh crore scam? Now they are so starved for scams that it has come down to Rs 400-500 scam. Now that is something we can be happy about.

Abhishek Banerjee: Abhishek Banerjee is a math lover who may or may not be an Associate Professor at IISc Bangalore. He is the author of Operation Johar - A Love Story, a novel on the pain of left wing terror in Jharkhand, available on Amazon here.