Did a journalist inadvertently end up revealing real reason why Rahul Gandhi ended his West Bengal rallies?

Is this the real reason behind Rahul Gandhi cancelling his rallies in Bengal?

News18 journalist Pallavi Ghosh on Wednesday revealed that Congress President Sonia Gandhi has already been fully vaccinated.

Citing sources within Congress, she said that Sonia Gandhi has taken both the doses of vaccine and while her son Rahul Gandhi was slated to take first dose of vaccine on 16th April 2021, he could not since he tested positive for Chinese coronavirus. He had to defer his vaccination for the same.

Soon, netizens pointed out that if what Ghosh tweeted was indeed true, then Rahul Gandhi’s ‘sensitive’ gesture of cancelling public rallies in West Bengal elections due to rising Coronavirus cases during second wave of the pandemic was nothing but a smokescreen.

Here is what happened.

On 18th April, 2021, Rahul Gandhi took to Twitter to announce that in view of the worsening COVID situation, he was going to cancel all his public rallies in West Bengal during the elections.

His gesture was hailed as leading by example as a ‘leader’ should for limiting public gatherings in middle of raging pandemic.

Two days later, on 20th April, he took to Twitter to announce that he had tested positive for Chinese coronavirus.

On 20th April he said that after experiencing mild symptoms, he got himself tested and was COVID positive.

However, if what Ghosh said is to be believed, Rahul Gandhi had already tested positive for Chinese coronavirus on 16th April itself, four days prior to him making the announcement. That means, when he cancelled the public rallies in West Bengal, he was actually COVID positive and deliberately chose to skip that information while ‘leading by example’.

As of this moment it is not yet clear whether Rahul Gandhi has taken the vaccine jab. However, there seems to be more than what meets the eye when it comes to reasons behind him cancelling the West Bengal rallies.

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