Indians slam Bloomberg for claiming that world’s best Indian food is found in New York City

Image Credit: Indian Express

Bloomberg News on Saturday shared an article and claimed in its caption that New York City has the best Indian food in the world. The actual article did not make the same claim and its headline only said that New York City now has better Indian food than London.

Source: Twitter

Expectedly, the caption attracted harsh criticism from Indians on social media, who were flabbergasted by the claim that the best Indian found is not to be found in India but in the United States of America.

They heavily criticised Bloomberg for the preposterous claim. Most said that the caption was ridiculous.

Others were significantly more displeased.

Others saw it as an exhibition of the supremacist attitude on the part of Bloomberg.

To be fair to the author of the article, he does not anywhere claim that the best Indian food is to be found in New York. He merely remarked that New York City has better Indian food to offer than London. The Bloomberg caption, on the other hand, takes it multiple steps further, adds a bit of masala into it and turns it into something with a completely different message.

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