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Abhishek Banerjee

Abhishek Banerjee is a columnist and author.  

CJI Chandrachud’s speech at the Ramnath Goenka, speaking ‘truth to power’ and a crucial contradiction within minutes

Rajkamal Jha, and CJI Chandrachud before him, had said many important things about freedom of the press at Ramnath Goenka award

Why can’t PM Modi’s critics stop wishing for India to burn?

This is a relatively new sense, something that has been around only since 2019. Why 2019? Because until then, they were willing to believe that 2014 was an exception. That the Congress would soon come back to power.

A weekend story: Ravish Kumar, Whatsapp University and Jaipur Literature Festival

There was this time fairly recently when Ravish ji went on a short break. When he returned, I noticed that he had made a few changes to his studio for prime time.

Why there is no such thing as ‘godi media’

Take the Gyanvapi case. Do you think liberals did not realize that videos would soon reveal the Shivling? Then why would they spread nonsensical talking points about it being a fountain? The aim was to create a heavy first round of media articles calling it a fountain.

Why ‘The Economist’ praising PM Modi is a trap: Why you should not play their game and how they are the enemy

For supporters of Prime Minister Modi, the article by The Economist praising India may feel like a moment of vindication - But it's not

How Sadanand Dhume passed off a Turkish ethno-supremacist as just another international figure

Ozil is not your average “international figure” as Dhume and some others would like us to believe. This is a man infamous for being a supporter of Erdogan. The same Erdogan who is on warpath against India over Kashmir.

Standing on top of 28,000 dead bodies in Bengal, Brinda Karat objects to a bulldozer

Communist leader Brinda Karat hitting the streets in Jahangirpuri instead of being at 5-star hotel lobbies was most unprecedent

Dear liberals, here is how you can stop the BJP – written by a BJP supporter

The BJP not only retained Uttar Pradesh, but it also did so by a huge margin - leaving their opponents feeling defeated

Bhagwant Mann’s claims on Pathankot terror attack: Four lies and one cynical truth

We have to deal with the fact that Bhagwant Mann is now the democratically elected chief minister of Punjab.

Uttar Pradesh was the election of the fraudsters on Youtube: Here is how ‘liberals’, in their desperation, funded scamsters

By 10 AM on counting day, it was clear that the BJP had won Uttar Pradesh with a historic majority.

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