Friday, April 19, 2024
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A scientist in another life. A science administering clerk now. Observing politics in India, science, and society in general.

Kerala’s Chief Minister Pinarayi and the politics of tragedy

Constitutional propriety and basic human values are damned.

Church organizations backed Christian LDF candidate in Chengannur, why didn’t Hindu organizations support BJP?

More than Kairana, it is Chengannur that should be cause for concern

The ‘Core agenda’ must be implemented as an election strategy, here’s why

Because that is what adherents of Dharma would do.

Can Cambridge Analytica help Congress win the 2019 elections?

Of their three planks, Cambridge Analytica is severely handicapped in two: The message and the messenger

The feminism of India’s left-liberals is casteism and elitism by proxy

How dare he have self-respect, they ask.

Modi govt is apathetic to ‘core’ Hindu causes, but it may have sown seeds of Hindu renaissance

Except for apparent 'lip service' to Hindu causes, Modi govt appears apathetic. But it could be helping in other way.

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