Sunday, May 19, 2024
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Semu Bhatt

Semu Bhatt is a strategic adviser and author specialising in governance, geopolitics, and conflict. She has co-authored two books and has a substantial body of work, including numerous research papers and articles.

Amnesty’s anti-Modi Aakar Patel supports riot accused Umar Khalid: History of biases and compromising democracy to achieve favourable outcomes

Aakar Patel posted in support of Umar Khalid, declaring that “locking up a man indefinitely without conviction is not democracy it’s tyranny.” 

Rahul Gandhi’s mysterious visit to Uzbekistan, Samantha Power, George Soros, the ‘democracy in danger’ and ‘genocide’ cries: A potential regime change op?

Rahul Gandhi’s mysterious visit to Uzbekistan has created a buzz in India. Why Uzbekistan? Why now, especially when the assembly elections fever is at its peak? We do not have the answers. 

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