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Sushil KediaGrad.CWA, PGDBM, MSc (Fin Eng.), CMT, CFTe, CAIA, FRM He worked across 25 years, with national & global Investment Banks & two large hedge funds. He was the first Asian to serve on the Board of Directors of the Market Technicians Association, Inc. (2011-2014). Sushil has presented, over the years, at key global markets’ conferences around the globe. His commentaries have been solicited by major national financial media regularly & a few key global publications as Barron’s too. Now he has founded KEDIANOMICS – a research firm focusing on financial markets, risk management & trading. He lives in Mumbai & is fluent with Bangla, Gujarati & Marathi apart from Hindi & English.  Reading, writing, swimming, learning coding & an occasional string at his old sitar fill up any few & rare free gaps in his 80-hour working week. He spends most Sundays with scholars of the Bhagawad Geeta.

All Huff and No Puff: Huffington Post contradicts itself on Electoral Bonds, simply to vilify the government it so hates

Huffington Post is huffing in desperation, yet again - this time, over Electoral Bonds

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