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‘Aurangzeb – Whitewashing Tyrant, Distorting Narrative’: New book debunks distortions around the Mughal tyrant Aurangzeb

While books whitewashing Aurangzeb, the tyrant, including those authored by Truschke met divisive criticism, Saurabh Lohogaonkar took it upon himself to write a book which is answer to series of whitewashing of the tyrant ruler

Udaipur beheading: While NIA starts investigation, let us not forget the terror enablers are walking around us, influencing public opinion

It is to be realized that much like how the Turkic invaders who sit on high horses today, in the public discourse, radical Islamists of the modern age have a similar grandstanding and intellectual backing for their crimes

TRT World declared that there would be no Shakespeare without Islam, this is how they are wrong

While no Muslims enter on stage in his plays, none of his plays are set in the Islamic backdrop, AJ Caschetta notes in National Review.

As BJP-led NDA names tribal leader Draupadi Murmu their Presidential candidate, the Indian Left belittles her identity and credentials

The Indian Left could not hide its contempt for tribal leader Draupadi Murmu, casting aspersions on her integrity

Maharashtra MLC Elections: What exactly happened, and what does it mean politically for the BJP and MVA? Explained

the victory of BJP's fifth candidate Prasad Lad came as a surprise when he managed to securre 28 votes, indicating cross voting from the MVA faction.

A tale of two Indias: When a sitting CM of state followed rule of land, while an MP’s supporters believe he is above law

Two parties - one which claims to have brought democracy to India and the other which is often tainted to have backsided while upholding the same principles showcase different behaviour when real democracy is to be exercised.

Will Arif Mohammerd Khan be the NDA’s presidential candidate? Know why the Kerala governor is favourite of many

It is being speculated that BJP may nominate Arif Mohammad Khan as the president as damage control after backlash by Muslim countries

Inside Qatar’s ‘holy’ world of waging global Jihad and state-sponsored terrorism: A detailed report

Qatar flirts with terrorists on a daily basis. Its relationship with terrorist groups is out in open. The FATF grey list holder, however, gathered the courage to sermon India on the rights of religious minorities in the recent Nupur Sharma controversy.

The New Indian Express uses the term ‘racial purity’ to make false claims about research on genetic ancestry, Rahul Gandhi furthers the propaganda

Experts in the field of Genetics and History have heavily criticised the TNIE report as a classic case of deliberate misinformation.

Bollywood superstars nearing 60 paired against women younger than half their age, what is this obsession

The film industry has negotiated this change with a thumb rule that while women are expected to age gracefully, men continue to come of age on the screen even in their 50s.

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