Persecution of Hindus: How OpIndia can help you

Persecution of Hindus: How you can reach out to us
Persecution of Hindus: How you can reach out to us

Become the voice of OpIndia’s journalism and help us bring to the world the stories of persecution of Hindus.

  • Cases where you are being harassed due to your Hindu identity.
  • Cases where your religious freedom is being violated. Where you are being prevented/hindered from celebrating your festivals.
  • If your temple or any temple around you is being targeted, desecrated.
  • If someone conceals their intention or their religion to contact a girl, woman in your acquaintance/neighbourhood/locality. If they trap your loved one in a Grooming Jihad trap.
  • If Hindus in your area are being forcefully converted to Islam/Christianity or you know someone who is being forcefully converted.
  • If religious supremacism is ruining the peace of your neighbourhood and becomes the pretext to torment Hindus.

We are with you.

If you know of or are the victim of any of the crimes listed above, get in touch with us and tell us what happened. Tell us who is tormenting you. Tell us who is persecuting you. Let us report. Let us tell the world that Hindus will no longer walk alone. 

Information needed (Don’t worry, we will keep your information strictly confidential and nothing will be published without your permission. We are asking for this information for verification purpose only): 

  1. Incident details.
  2. Details of the persecutor (if they are known to you).
  3. Contact details of the investigating officer and local police station.
  4. Victim details.
  5. Contact of the victim themselves or the family of the victim. 
  6. Any videos, photos you might have of the incident.

Write in to us at [email protected]

A note from the Editor-in-Chief

“If Hindu society permits this free for all any further, the days of Secularism and Democracy in this country are numbered. Let the Hindus unite and save themselves, their democratic polity, their secular state, and their Sanatana Dharma for a new cycle of civilization, not only for themselves but also the world”, Sita Ram Goel once said.

Sita Ram Goel, perhaps one of the most under-appreciated visionary of our times said it much before all of us started realising the repercussions of the ails of Islamic extremism and supremacism: If we, the Hindu society, permits this free for all, the days of Secularism and Democracy are numbered.

And it is true, more than anything else. While today secularism has become a stick to beat Hindus with, the truth remains that basic human tenets of fairness, culture, humanity and empathy today exist in India because Hindus form the majority. The day that is reversed, and one shudders to think of that day, India, Bharata, as we know it, ceases to exist.

We know what happens in Muslim majority country. Look at Pakistan. Look at those bylines where Muslims unite to teach Kafirs a lesson. Remember Delhi Riots? Remember how Ankit Sharma was murdered amidst chants of Allahu Akbar? Remember the disclosure statement by Tahir Hussain and how he said he wanted to teach Kafirs a lesson? Remember Rinku Sharma? Dilbag Negi? Remember the Hindus of Sarai Kale Khan? Those of Hauz Qazi who had to witness a Muslim mob desecrate their temple and urinate on their idols? Remember those countless girls lost to Grooming Jihad? Remember Nikita Tomar? Remember the Hindus of Munger?

These are just some of the names. There are countless Hindus who are persecuted, raped, murdered and tormented everyday.

What is worse? The planned and religious persecution of Hindus happens while the world sleeps. While the media looks away. Where everyone is tasked to fight for Hindus play Nero’s guest – all in the name of secularism.

The convenient narrative becomes about the persecution of Hindus not having any ‘communal angle’ and the media gets busy either giving the crime a ‘political context’, or, hiding the details of the case so the identity of the Muslim perpetrators is hidden.

Injustice breeds in silence. Injustice multiplies in the darkness and OpIndia, its own small way wants to play a part in ensuring that the world knows every time a Hindu is killed for being a Hindu.

When you have a faith to protect, a culture to fight for, Dharma to uphold, you resist. When you stand for nothing, you barter your dignity for peace. Let OpIndia help you fight. Let OpIndia tell the world about your ordeal. 

– Nupur J Sharma