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1971 war

‘We should have taken Kartarpur Sahib back from Pakistan in exchange for 90,000 of their soldiers after 1971 war’: PM Modi in Punjab

"Whether it is national security, protecting culture and heritage or the country's development, the Punjab and Sikh community has always been at the forefront. From farming to industrialism, the people of Punjab have given their contribution. But what have 'Kattar' corrupts done to Punjab?", PM Modi asked.

Indian Navy’s DSRV finds wreckage of Pakistani submarine destroyed during 1971 war near Vizag coast, Japanese sub sunk in WW-II also lies nearby

The sinking of the PNS Ghazi, which had 93 men on board, was a watershed moment in the war that ended with the creation of Bangladesh in 1972.

Republic Day: Dorniers in IAF’s Tangail formation to reenact airdrop of Indian Air Force personnel in 1971 India-Pakistan war

Made-in-India weapon systems and platforms would also be among the main attractions in this year's Republic Day parade

Henry Kissinger, war criminal and Nobel Peace Prize winner, dies at 100: Remembering his role during the 1971 Bangladesh liberation war

Following the meeting, Henry Kissinger and President Nixon called Indira Gandhi a “b*ch”, with Kissinger accusing her of “starting a war”. Kissinger called Indians “b***ds”, and “the most aggressive people around”.

First, Hindus and Muslims were separated, then, 94 Hindus were locked in a school, tied up and shot with machine guns: Forgotten 1971 Burunga...

The Burunga massacre of Hindus is one chapter from the 1971 war that is forgotten, where 94 Hindus were brutally murdered

‘We were made to lay like corpses…then the raping began’: Survivors recount the horrors inflicted by Pakistani forces in 1971 Bangladesh war

The rape survivors of the 1971 Bangladesh war recounted the horror inflicted upon them by Pakistani forces.

Afghan leader shames Pakistan by sharing pic of Pak Army surrendering to Indian Army after 1971 Bangladesh Liberation war

Pakistan has historically followed a "Strategic Depth Policy" towards Afghanistan, whereby it attempts to control the country as a political pawn and strategic hedge vis-a-vis India. 

Imran Khan declares himself ‘Mujibur 2.0’, compares ongoing situation in Pakistan to 1971 when Bangladesh was created, Pak Army cries ‘defamation’

Imran Khan blamed Major General Faisal Naseer, Rana Sanaullah and PM Shehbaz Sharif, for the assassination attempt against him.

‘Urdu was imposed upon us with the creation of Pakistan, the movement for Bangla language gave us independence’: Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina

PM Sheikh Hasina also spoke about the Language movement of 1952 that culminated into the creation of Bangladesh in 1971.

50 years apart Pakistan still uses companies to run propaganda and call for ‘Jihad’

Times have changed, 'jehad' cause may have changed, modus operandi remains the same.

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