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Why deceased Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi was known as ‘The Butcher of Tehran’: An insight into the brutal past of a dictator

The Islamic Revolution in 1979 marked the beginning of the Islamist hardliner Ebrahim Raisi's career.

From stones pelting not being dangerous to pepper spray being one: How some of the judiciary’s confounding decisions have left the public befuddled 

In April this year, the Karnataka HC refused to dismiss a criminal case against the director of a private company and his wife, who was accused of using pepper spray on a man in self-defence.

Rajdeep Sardesai shares a 2007 report to claim Congress govt did not focus on minorities: Here is how that very article betrays his propaganda

Rajdeep Sardesai tries to fact check PM Modi on UPA govt's preference for Muslims in scheme, gets fact-checked himself

Ichchhadhari protestor-turned psephologist Yogendra Yadav predicts BJP-NDA loss in elections, again: Here is how his last predictions went

Furthermore, claiming that it is not an exit poll but a general math, Yadav claimed, “BJP will be reduced to 233 seats suffering loss of 70 seats. Along with this, allies will get 35 seats that is 268. Thus, BJP-NDA can miss the majority mark.

Biden intensifies US trade war with China, imposes high tariffs on Chinese EVs, solar cells, and other products: How ‘self-interest’ trumps global virtue signaling

On Tuesday, the White House stated that China's "unfair trade practices concerning technology transfer, intellectual property, and innovation" have harmed America and accused China of "flooding global markets with artificially low-priced exports".

Why is the US angry over India’s Chabahar port deal with Iran?

The US has issued a warning about potential sanctions against any country engaging in business with Iran, hours after India signed a 10-year agreement to operate the Chabahar port in Tehran.

Open AI announces GPT-4o, says Chat GPT can now reason across voice, text and video in real time: Know what it is

GPT-4o will essentially transform ChatGPT into a digital personal assistant capable of real-time, voiced conversations. It will also be able to interact via text and "vision," which means it will be able to examine and discuss screenshots, images, documents, or charts uploaded by users.

As India signs major 10-year pact with Iran over Chabahar port, read about the importance of the port and how maritime trade is the...

Chabahar Port is strategically important for both Iran and India. It has the potential to aid Tehran avoid the adverse impacts of Western sanctions while also providing New Delhi with an alternative route that avoids Pakistan, which blocks India's land access for trade with Afghanistan and Central Asia.

Importing terrorists, slacking on law and order, fraud ‘student visa’ industry are Canada’s own problems: How Trudeau govt’s India blaming is pathetic cover up...

Canada government was quick to blame India, however, it should answer as to why it allowed Hardeep Singh Nijjar, who was designated a terrorist by India’s National Investigation Agency in 2020 to live in Canada and gave him space to become politically strong.

Rajdeep Sardesai gets schooled by Milind Deora on Congress’ Pakistan sympathy and why I.N.D.I. Alliance win will be ‘celebrated’ in Pakistan

Responding to Sardesai’s allegation, Milind Deora recalled the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks and how the Congress leaders acted absolutely against the interest of India and blamed Hindus for the terror attack.

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