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Aboriginal Culture

Australia rejects historic referendum to recognise Indigenous People in the Constitution

The referendum is centred around the acknowledgement of indigenous Australians within the nation's Constitution and the establishment of an indigenous advisory body known as the "Voice to Parliament".

Australia set for landmark indigenous rights referendum on October 14, marks defining moment for the modern country’s relationship with original inhabitants

Australia lacks a treaty with its indigenous population, which constitutes approximately 3.2% of the country's nearly 26 million inhabitants.

Western Australian Aboriginal community wants Christian missionaries banned from their area: Here is why

Equal Opportunity Commissioner of WA John Byrne said the Christian groups most likely cannot complain if they were to be banished by the Aboriginal community. Byrne said the elders would succeed as the ground of religious conviction does not apply to places.

Detours : It’s time we celebrate our aboriginal or adivasi heritage and culture

I hope they get great storytelling guides, books and souvenirs also to complete the experience. 

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