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Adhir Chowdhury

‘Rashtrapatni’ row: BJP MP Rama Devi slams Sonia Gandhi, says instead of reproaching Adhir Chowdhury, she acted outrageously in Parliament

Rama Devi while talking to the media on July 28 said that Gandhi's fault was that she had selected Chowdhury as the Congress leader in the Lok Sabha.

Is Congress trying to help China by making racist comments?

So what do you make of it when someone like Congress leader Adhir Chowdhury puts out an offensive and racist tweet against China? Who really benefits from this?

Congress leader Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury uses derogatory slang for European delegation that visited JK, calls them ‘kiraye ke tattu’

The derogatory remarks used by Adhir Chowdhury was opposed by some members of parliament. Lok Sabha speaker Om Birla said he would examine if the remarks needed to be expunged from the proceedings.

Congress admits its strength has dwindled in Bengal, blames TMC for weakening the party

He admitted while speaking to the media reporters that the strength of the Congress had gone down in Bengal since 1977

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