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Delhi BJP slams AAP for spending government funds on advertisements; demands a refund of Rs 163 crores

It is worth noting that the political war of words began after the Directorate of Information and Publicity served a notice on Arvind Kejriwal, the National Convenor of the Aam Aadmi Party, requiring him to pay up to Rs 163 crores within 10 days.

Arvind Kejriwal asked to pay back to govt the money Aam Aadmi Party spent on political advertisement

As per reports, if AAP fails to pay the money, legal action will be taken per LG's orders. The properties owned by the party can be attached for recovery as part of the legal action as per the law.

Delhi LG directs chief secretary to recover Rs 97 crores from ruling AAP for publishing political advertisements as govt ads

The Delhi LG ordered recovery of Rs 97.14 crores that AAP spent or booked on account of ‘non-conforming advertisements’.

AAP-led Punjab govt spent over 1.8 crores on Facebook ads with over 77% in Gujarat, here is what we found

Punjab government spent over 1.8 crores in less than a month on Facebook ads, 77%+ money spent to target audience from Gujarat

Endorsement deals flow in for Olympic gold medallist Neeraj Chopra with a 10-fold rise in the fees

Neeraj Chopra won gold medal at the javelin throw event at the recently concluded Tokyo Olympics

US Presidential elections: YouTube overwhelmed with political ads, sees a shortage of advertising space

YouTube has received so many ads for the US presidential elections in the same states that it can't find enough space to place them

Facebook will not accept new political ads in the last week before the US Presidential election, informs Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg put out a post today in relation to the upcoming Presidential elections in the United States

After getting Bangladeshi actors to campaign, Mamata’s TMC caught running ads in Bangladesh appealing for votes

Mamata's TMC is running as many as 13 ads on Facebook, appealing people to vote for TMC in the ongoing elections

A day after AAP was caught seeking donations from Saudi, UAE, it is found seeking donations from tax havens

Earlier, AAP was caught running Facebook ads seeking donations in Middle-Eastern countries like UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Oman

Aam Aadmi Party caught running donation ads in Saudi Arabia, UAE and other Middle-Eastern countries

AAP has earlier been in the soup for donation received from seemingly dubious sources and secret trips to Dubai

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