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Aakar Patel seeks help from Lord Nazir for ‘human rights’ org Amnesty International, two days after he is convicted of sexually harassing children

Aakar Patel tweeted, "Lord Nazir, do more and don’t claim credit what for what you haven’t done. Shake Dr S Jaishankar's cage hard"

Taliban claim they will allow women to study and work, but Afghans still remember the public stonings and floggings

The Taliban has reportedly said that women were the main victims of the crisis in Afghanistan for over 40 years and they dont want the women to be victims anymore.

Sopore attack: Amnesty India preaches laws while blatantly violating the same laws to suit their agenda

Amnesty India has been regularly disclosing identities and photographs of minors, but objects when Kashmir Police did so

Amnesty indulged in activities prohibited under FCRA: CBI sources on their books of accounts after raids

It is alleged that Amnesty adopted the FDI route to evade the foreign contribution regulation act as the government had tightened laws under FCRA.

Amnesty International produced predetermined Kashmir reports using foreign money received in violation of FEMA

Amnesty International using illegal foreign contribution to create propaganda reports on Kashmir

ED issues show-cause notice to Amnesty International for violating foreign exchange law to the tune of Rs 51 Crore

The Enforcement Directorate (ED) has issued a show-cause notice to alleged human rights organisation Amnesty International, for violation of FEMA laws to the tune of over Rs 51 crore.

Congress now uses Amnesty, which is under lens for FCRA violations, to target PM Modi

Amnesty UK had posted a tweet which read "Strong leaders don't bully charities".

Aung San Suu Kyi: Amnesty International strips her of her human rights award

Ironically, an investigation report by Amnesty International itself had confirmed massacre of Hindus by Rohingyas after Indian ‘liberals’ had tried to give them a clean chit

Amnesty India, Trust chaired by Sonia Gandhi under govt scanner for alleged FCRA violations

In total about 42 organisations are under the scanner for alleged FCRA violations

4 reactions by ‘liberals’ around Kashmir issue, and the narratives being planned

The reactions are part of a well thought of strategy that will hurt India and benefit Pakistan in the long run.

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