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Anti India Propaganda

The West has de-hyphenated India and Pakistan, Indian media needs to follow suit and not help vested interests peddle their propaganda

The persistent obsession of the media to cover Pakistan and hyphenate India is detrimental in the dehyphenation

Anti-India outfit ‘The People’s Forum’, associated with NewsClick linked CCP stooge, saw 803% rise in funding

Asccording to thw Washington Examiner, 'The People's Forum' received a whopping $4.4 million in 2022 while it could rake in only $4,86,900 a year earlier.

Did Washington Post repeat Pakistani conspiracy theory about ‘Disinfo Lab’? Copy-paste journalism, reliance on lunatic who wanted Mamata Banerjee raped, claims about ‘SkinDoctor’

Despite his questionable character and dwindling credibility, Aveek Sen's misleading tweets on 'Disinfo Lab' became the primary fodder for both 'Pakistani Defence' and 'The Washington Post'.

Washington Post and its hit job on ‘Disinfo Lab’: Exposing the nefarious campaign to discredit Indian OSINT handle before 2024 Lok Sabha election

Throughout the article, The Washington Post resorted to insinuations, and source-based allegations to discredit 'Disinfo Lab.' However, it failed to provide any empirical evidence that could dispute any claims of the Indian OSINT handle.

‘Rebel’ Washington Post reporter plans hitjob on Indian OSINT handle ‘Disinfo Lab’, gets exposed instead: What happened

Coincidentally, Pranshu Verma is now hounding the same Indian OSINT handle that uncovered the dubious nature of his news report earlier this year.

Kashmir separatism, anti-Hindu tropes, obsession with Kerala Model: How CCP supporter Neville Roy Singham financed ‘The People’s Forum’ is peddling anti-India propaganda

OpIndia has found that 'The People's Forum', funded almost wholly by Neville Roy Singham, has been peddling anti-India narratives since 2019.

Washington Post columnist Khaled Beydoun, who spread lies about Hindus and India, now caught making up fake racism against Arabs

Although Khaled Beydoun wanted to use the alleged case of 'racism' to deviate public discourse from documented anti-Semitic attacks, netizens were quick to point out that the screenshot was fake.

Former Chairman of Delhi Minorities Commission speaks against Indians facing death penalty in Qatar, had earlier threatened Hindus in the Middle East

With the assumption that the Indian nationals were guilty, Zafarul Islam Khan appeared to side with the decision by Qatar to execute them.

Meet Hatem Bazian: US-based ‘Professor’ who refuses to condemn Hamas and killing of Israelis, had fear-mongered about Hindus and India in the past

Ever since Hamas launched its terror attack on Israel on 7th October this year, Hatem Bazian has come to the rescue of the jihadist outfit.

Rahul Gandhi returns from a ‘mysterious trip’ to Uzbekistan: List of his secret ‘foreign trips’, meetings with anti-India elements and calls for foreign interference

Rahul Gandhi’s foreign visits are always shrouded in mystery. Besides political speculations, there is often little to no news about his 'secret' travels abroad.

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