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Antonio Guterres

Israel stops issuing visas to UN officials after Secretary-General Antonio Guterres tried to contextualise Hamas terror attack, demands his resignation

UN officials were denied visas by Israel after Secretary-General Antonio Guterres tried to contextualise Hamas terror attack

Israel calls for resignation of UN Secretary-General after he said Hamas’ attack ‘did not happen in a vacuum’, justifying mass murder of children and...

Israel has demanded the resignation of United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres from his position over his remarks against the Israel

Global population crosses 8 billion mark, India to become most populated country surpassing China in 2023

World's population surpassed the 8 billion mark on November 15, 2022, just 12 years after crossing the 7 billion mark.

PM Modi along with UN Secretary-General launches Mission LiFE for action against climate change, gets support from world leaders

LiFE Mission will be a global mass movement led by India to ensure both individual and collective action to preserve and protect the environment.

Terrorists might use coronavirus pandemic as an opportunity to launch bio-terror attack across the world: UN chief

Secretary General of UN Antonio Guterres cautioned UNSC that Coronavirus pandemic is threatening international security as terrorists might use this opportunity to launch a bio-terror attack.

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