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ASI reclaims 2300-year-old Ashoka edict that was illegally occupied and converted into ‘mazar’ in Sasaram, Bihar

ASI took to Twitter Tuesday to inform that the Ashoka edict in Sasaram in Bihar has been reclaimed by the agency

Land Jihad in Bihar: 2300-year-old Ashoka edict converted into Mazar in Sasaram, annual urs organised

More than 2300-year-old Ashoka edict has been converted into a Mazar in the Sasaram district of Bihar.

2000-year-old Mauryan structure discovered in Meerut, historians hopeful of finding lost Ashoka pillar site

The Meerut circle of the Archaeological Survey of India has discovered a 2000-year-old Mauryan-era brick structure in Meerut.

Romila Thapar’s fantasy fiction: Claims Yudhisthira of Mahabharata was inspired by Mauryan emperor Ashoka

Not only is Romila's claim completely ignoring a few millennia between Mahabharata and Mauryan emperor Ashoka, but it also has many other flaws.

Indian Express sells a piece of fiction on Doordarshan and Modi as news

Indian Express fakes another story defaming Modi

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