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I am Neha Bazdan, not a Harvard professor but this is how I am a victim

I have also asked questions when the Centre decided to change the default temperature setting on ACs. That is what a journalist is supposed to do, they had told me when I joined MDTV. Nobody said anything about applying a little brain before asking questions.

Understanding the mindset that can’t hide the glee even at your own armed forces chief passing away

The armed forces protect and guard the very same boundaries that these entities want to make obsolete. Hence, the patriotic, steadfast, strong Indian soldier is their nemesis.

Kolkata to be India’s next comedy capital? Mumbai ‘comedians’ and actors line up before Mamata Banerjee

Swara was seen earlier today introducing the Bengal CM to some comedians who were kicked out of gigs over the recent months for various fiascos and have collectively blamed it all on BJP and RSS, like Rahul Gandhi and Imran Khan do, almost every week.

A Hindu tweeting dislike for an ad is more dangerous than violent mob throwing stones, and radicals chopping off limbs, for ‘Liberals’

Radicals and fanatics are chopping off limbs, torching vehicles over allegations of 'blasphemy' but Hindus are branded terrorists because they did not like FabIndia ad.

‘Liberals’ can live only as slaves of Islamists, or they will be ‘cancelled’: Naseeruddin Shah is an example

In the case of Indian 'liberals', all their intellect, their thought process, and talks of progressive ideologies lie firmly at the feet of Islamist radicals.

Tokyo Paralympics: Mariyappan Thangavelu wins Silver, Sharad Kumar wins Bronze in men’s high jump

Mariyappan Thangavelu and Sharad Kumar win Silver and Bronze in men's high jump at Tokyo Paralympics.

Govt changes Mughal glorification page in Know India site after outrage on social media, still no mention of atrocities by Islamic invaders

The Culture Ministry has clarified that they do not run the website and they are in talks with concerned entities to correct the mistakes.

Dear “fact-checkers”, date, time, precise geographical location doesn’t matter, radical Islamic terrorism is still radical Islamic terrorism

People are sharing information, images and videos not because they are a part of some political campaign against the Taliban, not because they don't want the Taliban to win the next elections in Afghanistan or they just don't want to vote for them (as if that was even an option). They are sharing images and videos because they are scared.

Dadra and Nagar Haveli: RSS Swayamsevaks, freedom struggle against the Portuguese and the story of ‘one-day Prime Minister’

Armed RSS Swayamsevaks had participated in the liberation of Dadra and Nagar Haveli. The Portuguese were made to surrender and DNH was declared independent in August 2, 1954.

Rathayatra special: The story of the wedding of a princess from the South and the Gajapati of Kalinga

On the day of the Rathayatra, the Gajapati ruler of Kalinga becomes a sweeper for one day when the emperor sweeps the chariot of Mahaprabhu with a golden handled broom as his servant.

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