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Hyderabad Liberation Day, Partition Horrors Remembrance Day: Why India needs to scrape away the whitewashing and look at the dark realities of its past

By commemorating the 'Hyderabad Liberation Day', and Partition Horrors Remembrance Day, the GOI is ensuring that the present generation of Indians knows how hard it was to secure a fragmented nation, how difficult it was to protect a wounded, bleeding country from enemies outside and inside, and how hard our predecessors fought for our sovereignty to build today's India.

Is Rahul Gandhi trying to be India’s Zelenskyy? Will Congress let foreign powers control the nation so the dynasty prince gets the throne?

As another general election approaches, India needs to brace for chaos, internal and external alike, because the parasitic powers are always lurking, searching for a perfect host to infect. Multiple war fronts are now open across the world, and more conflicts are brewing.

‘The CIA blew up Nordstream pipeline, everyone knows it’: Russian President Vladimir Putin in Tucker Carlson interview

"In the world of propaganda, it is very difficult to defeat the USA. The USA controls the world's media and even the European media. The ultimate beneficiaries of the biggest European media networks are US financial institutions, don't you know that?", Putin said.

‘Biden govt tried to stop us, illegally surveilled, leaked chats’: Tucker Carlson in Moscow for Putin interview, exposes US hypocrisy on media freedom

The Western media, for the last several years, and especially since February 2022, has painted Vladimir Putin as an evil, cruel dictator running a terrorist regime. The vilification has been so unidirectional, biased, and relentless that any scope of understanding and mutual dialogue has been stamped out.

World’s largest open-air theatre: Krishna’s childhood comes alive as annual Dhanu Yatra begins in Bargarh, Odisha

This year, 14 different stages have been built all over the city where Kansa Maharaj will showcase his performance and hold his darbars. On the concluding day, Kansa dies at the hands of his nephew Krishna. The festival will conclude on January 25 this year.

What is ‘Akshat Nimantran’: How VHP is reaching out to crores of people to celebrate Ram Mandir Pran Pratishtha as a pan-India festival

VHP and other Hindu organisations have embarked on another unique campaign. Since all devotees cannot be accommodated in Ayodhya, the Temple Trust is sending symbolic 'Nimantran' or invitations to all Ram Bhakts, with the auspicious traditional 'Akshat', a pamphlet and a photo of the Ram Mandir.

The Guardian admits that Modi 3.0 is inevitable, continues to whine about India, Hindu nationalism, imaginary Muslim victimhood and more

The author, for reasons best known to her, has not bothered to ask if Modi were to disenfranchise Muslims, why hasn't he already done that in his first and second terms? What exactly do Varshney and the author think he has been waiting for?

Lies, falsehoods, and blatant propaganda: Bloomberg article by Ruth Pollard is a symphony of seething and coping after BJP’s electoral victory in 3 states

Whatever made Ruth Pollard believe that India cannot give the residents of Jammu and Kashmir the same rights that are enjoyed by all other Indians, is certainly derived from similar-level trash op-eds by her fellow Left propagandists and not rooted in an actual understanding of Indian laws and constitutional process.

Retired IAS officer VK Pandian, seen widely as Naveen Patnaik’s ‘heir’, formally joins BJD: Who is this Tamilian who might be Odisha’s next CM

VK Pandian had recently taken voluntary retirement from the civil services and was immediately given a cabinet minister rank in the Odisha government. He is currently the chairman of "5T" and the Nabin Odisha program.

Hi Nitish Kumar, have you heard of condoms? Why Bihar CM’s crude remarks in assembly display a vulgar illiteracy around sex and reproductive health

There are 29 women MLAs in the Bihar assembly. Nitish Kumar's crude gesticulation and Tejashwi Yadav's laughter enabling and encouraging that behavior is the proof that the Bihar assembly is not a safe workspace for the 29 women MLAs.

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