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Ashraf Ghani

Former Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani runner up in ‘corrupt person of the year’ list topped by Belarus’ Lukashenko

The Corruption and Organized Crime Reporting Project (OCCRP) named ex-Afghan President Ashraf Ghani as the runners up in the list of most corrupt individuals in 2021.

Taliban writes to UN demanding to be invited to address the UNGA meet, nominates Doha spokesperson as UN ambassador

Taliban has written to the United Nations demanding that they be invited to address the ongoing UNGA session in New York

A week after Amrullah Saleh issued a video message, the Taliban capture the library in Panjshir where the video was shot

Photo a Talib brandishing a rifle in front of a bookshelf has appeared, the same bookshelf seen behind Amrullah Saleh a week ago in a video

Former Afghan President Ghani had informed Biden that Taliban was advancing with ‘full Pakistani support’. Read excerpts

Ashraf Ghani had informed Biden that not just logistical support from Pakistan's government, the Taliban also had thousands of Pakistani terrorists among their ranks.

Donald Trump hits out at former Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, says “Ghani was a total crook, never had confidence in him”

Donald Trump said that Ashraf Ghani spent all his time wining and dining US senators, alleged Ghani fled the country with cash

Ashraf Ghani issues video message from UAE, says he escaped Afghanistan to avoid bloodshed in Kabul, denies escaping with cash

Ashraf Ghani said that he decided to not cause bloodshed in Kabul, and that’s why fled the country to avoid a huge disaster

Afghan embassy in Tajikistan requests Interpol to detain Ashraf Ghani for stealing public fund, declares VP Amrullah Saleh as acting president

Afghan embassy in Tajikistan has requested the Interpol to detain ousted president Ashraf Ghani to recover stolen public fund from him

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