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‘Affirmative Action’, race-based admission in Harvard and North Carolina universities struck down by US Supreme Court

This comes amid reports of the university's policies discriminating against White and Asian applicants by giving preference to Black, Hispanic, and Native American ones.

Canada: Hate crimes against Asians go up by 717%, 97 per cent increase in overall crime in Vancouver last year

The Vancouver police data said that anti-Asian hate crimes rose from 12 cases in 2019 to 142 such incidents in 2020, a 717 per cent increase.

US Justice Dept accuses Yale University of discrimination against Asian Americans and White applicants in their admission process

The US Justice Department has accused Yale University of violating the federal civil rights by discriminating against White and Asian Americans in its admission procedure.

Researchers who assumed Pakistani men are unfairly branded as grooming gang members, find they are wrong

About 84% one the convicts were found to have an Asian origin

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