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Gaganyaan mission of ISRO will be launched in 2025, multiple test flights will be done in this year: Union Minister Jitendra Singh

Minister Jitendra Singh on Sunday informed that the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) will launch the Gaganyaan mission in 2025

Read why people are talking about the movie ‘Koi Mil Gaya’ after Mamata Banerjee’s speech about Chandrayaan-3 went viral

The social media memes mocked Mamata Banerjee for confusing India's first astronaut with a Bollywood actor and calling Rakesh Sharma's famous spaceflight a 'Moon landing mission'.

Indian-American astronaut Raja Chari selected for the SpaceX Crew – 3 mission of the NASA, to be the spacecraft commander

Raja Chari will be flying to the International Space Station as part of the SpaceX Crew-3 mission that will be launched next year.

Did you see the Vikram Lander? Brad Pitt asks about lunar module to American astronaut on the ISS

Brad Pitt was in a conversation with NASA astronaut on the ISS as a part of promotion for his upcoming film Ad Astra

Government approves Rs 10,000 crore for India’s first ever manned space mission, Gaganyaan, in 2022

ISRO has been working steadfast, with an aim to send three Indians to space by 2022 as announced by Prime Minister Modi

ISRO displays space suit and crew model for its first ever manned space mission- Gaganyaan in 2022

The display comes weeks after our PM, announced to launch the mission by 2022 to commemorate the 75th independence of India.

NDTV had one job to do, and they got that wrong too

They only had to give a good headline, but see what they did

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