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‘Urdu was imposed upon us with the creation of Pakistan, the movement for Bangla language gave us independence’: Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina

PM Sheikh Hasina also spoke about the Language movement of 1952 that culminated into the creation of Bangladesh in 1971.

The 2001 Boraibari massacre: When Bangladeshi troops brutally tortured and killed Indian jawans, mutilated their bodies

Given that the Hasina government had been historically friendly to India and general elections in Bangladesh were near, New Delhi was cautious about its criticism of the Bangladeshi Prime Minister.

Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina writes to PM Modi for evacuating stranded Bangladeshi students from Ukraine. Here is what she said

Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has written to PM Narendra Modi thanking him for the support in evacuating students from Ukraine

Bangladesh: One Mirzan caught by locals entering Puja pavilion with a copy of Quran, brings back memories of recent anti-Hindu violence

On Friday (November 19), locals nabbed a Muslim man who tried to sneak a copy of the Quran into the Sarbajanin Puja pavilion

2003 Banshkhali carnage: When Islamists in Bangladesh burnt 11 Hindus alive to grab their land

The Banshkhali attack was carried out on the orders of BNP leader Aminur Rahman Chowdhury to usurp Sheel family's land.

Bangladesh: After Durga puja pandals, Islamists target Noakhali Jagannath Temple before Jumma Namaz

Islamists in Noakhali, Bangladesh again targeted the Jagannath Temple before offering Jumma Namaz on Friday (October 22),

Sheikh Hasina is playing fast and loose on the genocide of Bangladeshi Hindus: Here is how

They did not allow the Hindus of Bangladesh to celebrate Durga Puja. In nearly a dozen districts of Bangladesh, they attacked Durga Puja pandals

From Hindu temples to Durga Puja pandals, Hindu homes, shops and villages: Comprehensive account of the carnage in Bangladesh by Islamists

The foundation for orchestrating a Hindu pogrom was perfectly laid - The insult of the 'Holy Book', the punishment for which is death.

Bangladesh: Hindu victims of Islamist arson attack in Rangpur say that the horror reminded them of 1971 genocide by the Pakistani army

A day after radical Islamists burnt down 20 Hindu homes in Pirganj Upazila in Rangpur Division of Bangladesh, victims recall horrors of the 1971 Operation Searchlight

As 43 get arrested and Jamaat involvement emerges in Bangladesh Durga Puja attacks, MEA takes stock, PM Haseena speaks up: Details

Citing sources, Hindustan Times reported that the Jamaat-e-Islami had been fanning communal sentiments in Bangladesh ever since the Taliban took over Kabul.

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