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Blasphemy Laws

Support for blasphemy killers, dehumanisation of non-Muslims and more: Meet Khadim Rizvi, the Pakistani Islamist cleric who inspired Prayagraj attacker

"You (Khadim Rizvi) told us that angels would come if we tread the path of Allah. You have said to not just kill 1 individual but make a pile of dead bodies of Islam's enemies," Lareb Hashmi said in viral video.

11 US lawmakers including Ilhan Omar seek suspension of military aid to Pakistan over Human Rights abuses, blasphemy laws, persecution of minorities

They have argued that assistance to Pakistan should be withheld till Islamabad takes corrective measures to improve Human Rights parameters, roll back stringent changes to its Blasphemy laws, and hold free and fair elections.

Indonesia: TikToker with over 2 million followers jailed for saying ‘Bismillah’ before eating ‘crispy-skin pork’. Read what happened

The 33-year-old TikToker Lina Lutfiawati was jailed for 'blasphemy' by the court in Indonesia for a video she posted wherein she was heard saying 'bismillah' before eating 'crispy skin pork'

Power of street veto: Hindu man Akbar Ram arrested in Pakistan after a complaint over ‘blasphemy’, police says arrest ‘saved his life’

A Hindu man, Akbar Ram, hailing from the Punjab province in Pakistan has been arrested by the police after an allegation of 'blasphemy'

While country struggles for food, Pakistan focuses on strengthening ‘blasphemy’ laws that are used to target minorities

Now, anyone found guilty of insulting persons associated to the Prophet Muhammad will be punished under Pakistan's new blasphemy laws, which already carry the death penalty for those believed to have insulted Islam or the Prophet Muhammad.

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