Monday, April 15, 2024


BLM Protests

Go woke, go broke: Silicon Valley Bank donated more than $73 million to BLM-related groups, its risk assessment head was busy with LGBTQ+ campaigns

Even while Silicon Valley Bank was collapsing, it's officials were busing in organizing pride marches and other LGBTQ campaigns

United States: Black Pennsylvania cop punches a BLM protester at rally against police violence, video goes viral

A black cop punched a BLM protester who harassed and abused him after he called the protests unlawful assembly

India-Pakistan match started with ‘taking the knee’, ended with ‘kufr toot gaya’: The link and the embedded irony

On 24th October, India cricket team created history and not the good kind - they lost their first World Cup match to Pakistan.

Mahatma Gandhi statue in Amsterdam vandalised amid BlackLivesMatter protests, ‘racist’ written on it by unknown miscreants

Statue of Mahatma Gandhi located at the Churchilllaan in Amsterdam desecrated by the unknown miscreants with red paint

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