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As ED chargesheet finds Republic TV, Arnab Goswami innocent, here is what it says about TimesNow and India Today in TRP manipulation case

ED charge sheet confirmed that no evidence was found against Republic Media Network and Arnab Goswami in the fake TRP case.

Chargesheet that exonerates Arnab Goswami: ED finds that Mumbai Police got bribes during the investigation into TRP manipulation case. Details

ED chargesheet confirmed that no evidence was found against Republic and Arnab Goswami in TRP manipulation case

TRP manipulation case: What the chargesheet by ED says while giving a clean chit to Arnab Goswami and Republic TV in the case

ED has filed a chargesheet which it confirmed that no evidence was found against Republic Media, Arnab Goswami in TRP case

The ‘diaspora problem’ in the Leicester issue: The conduct of certain community leaders and the lessons Hindus need to learn

The perversion that played out in Leicester against the Hindu community has left one with a lot to ponder about

YouTube finally complies and blocks Dhruv Rathi video in India, but questions still remain as to who tipped him off after govt order

YouTube had failed to comply with govt order as far as one video in that list was concerned, that of Dhruv Rathi

Exclusive: YouTube ‘insider’ helping Dhruv Rathi? Govt officials left puzzled as Rathi’s video not blocked by YouTube

On Monday (26 September 2022), the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (I&B) decided to block 45 YouTube videos from 10 YouTube channels including that of Dhruv Rathi

BBC’s latest report on Leicester: A grudging acceptance of the truth while attempting to save Islamists all over again

Hindu community in the UK, particularly in Leicester and Birmingham, was under attack by the Islamists - and BBC blamed Hindus

Rana Ayyub defends PFI’s plan to turn India into an Islamic nation: How Islamists are now shedding all pretence of being “moderate”

Amid the ongoing crackdown against the radical Islamist outfit, there are several Muslim "intellectuals" who have come out in support of PFI

Reports say govt may set up panel to ‘study condition of Dalits who convert to Islam or Christianity’: Why we need to tread carefully

With several such pleas pending in the court, that demand reservation for "Dalit Christians" and "Dalit Muslims", according to media reports, the government is now mulling setting up a panel to study the condition of those Dalits who convert to Christianity or Islam.

Meet Majid Freeman, terror sympathising Leicester man who instigated violence against Hindus and is influencing the media’s anti-Hindu coverage

Leicester has been burning with Muslim mobs going on a rampage against Hindus and Majid Freeman is in the middle of it

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