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Protesting farmers intend to use cows to protect themselves from tear gas shells as they resume their march to Delhi: Reports

The leaders of SKM (Non-Political) Sidhupur faction and Kisan Mazdoor Sangharsh Morcha discussed the future strategy.

Indus Valley Civilisation: From cattle to pig, here is what prehistoric people in Indian subcontinent ate, according to new research

The study suggests that the high percentage of cattle bones found suggest that there was a cultural preference for beef across Indus Valley Civilisation which was supplemented by mutton/lamb.

CBI carries out multiple raids along India-Bangladesh border; BSF officer and 3 others booked in illegal cattle trade case

A BSF officer along with 3 others booked by the CBI in connection with the illegal cattle trade along India-Bangladesh border

ISIS uses cows strapped with bombs to attack security forces in Iraq, bid foiled

The Islamic State has started using cows as booby traps laden with explosives as weapons of war.

Upset over death of cows Yogi Adityanath suspends 8 officers for negligence, 3 others sent show cause notice

Yogi also issued a warning that in future, criminal proceedings could also be initiated under the Prevention of Animal husbandry Act and Animal Prevention Act.

Media organisations deviously call ‘cow smugglers’ as ‘cow movers’ to lessen the gravity of their crime

Yesterday, the citizens of Sawlikheda village in Madhya Pradesh, about 60 KMs away from the Khandwa town caught 25 cow smugglers and were tied with a rope and paraded to the nearby police station.

Fact check: has government banned manufacturing of Oxytocin?

A notification came into force from June this year.

Brutal acid attack on cows in Agra sparks tension in Uttar Pradesh

Acid thrown on cows and oxen in Agra, Uttar Pradesh.

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