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Child marriages

‘Muslim girl above 16 is competent to marry any person of choice’: Punjab and Haryana HC cites Sharia to justify child marriage

The Court said a Muslim marriage is governed by the Muslim personal law, which allows marriage above the age of 16.

Smriti Irani slams NCP MP Fauzia Khan over her remark ‘girls are married because they have nothing else to do’

Smriti Irani in the RS said that the government is taking all the steps to make sure that the girls under the marriageable age are secure and are being provided proper education.

Hyderabad: Syed Altaf Ali arrested for trying to buy a minor girl; victim’s mother and grandmother arrested for selling her

The accused are booked under sections 370, 370 (A) r/w 511, Section 17 of the POCSO Act and Section 3 and 5 of Immoral Traffic Prevention Act (PITA).

Multiple incidents of child marriage reported from Rajasthan, one proposed wedding stopped by the administration

Two child marriages took place at the same time at a temple in Bhilwara and a third took place in Asind in Bhilwara in Rajasthan

Child marriage of a Muslim girl reported in Malappuram, New Indian Express uses ‘Hindu’ images

The New Indian Express used misleading image for a child marriage case where a qazi was booked for performing rituals, and both the minor and the groom belonged to the 'minority community'.

‘Child Marriage bill of Rajasthan violates central acts and court judgements’: NCPCR writes to Ashok Gehlot govt urging to reconsider the bill

NCPCR says Rajasthan Child Marriage Bill violates Juvenile Justice Act, Prohibition of Child Marriage Act and other acts and court orders

Rajasthan Congress Govt passes bill to register child marriage, BJP protests, says it justifies child marriage: Details

Rajasthan government's decision to pass the contentious bill to register child marriage faces strong opposition from all quarters

60 yo guy with a 12 yo saying ‘that is my wife’: US admin tries to monitor child brides being snuck in from Afghanistan

A leaked internal document has revealed that several old Afghan refugees have been entering the country with brides as young as 12 years old

On Women’s day, can we please make child marriage illegal among India’s minority community?

Could we please make child marriage illegal in India? In fact, could we do it today?

Punjab and Haryana HC cites Sharia again: Says marriage of minor Muslim girl is legal because she has ‘attained puberty’

The High Court cited the Muslim personal law and held the marriage of the 17-year old girl with 36-year old man valid.

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