Wednesday, June 26, 2024


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Australian navy divers injured by sonar pulses after Chinese destroyer came near it despite warnings and deployed powerful sonar

Australia says its navy divers were injured in Japanese waters when a nearby Chinese destroyer operated sonar

‘Human waste dumped from Chinese ships in South China sea visible from space’: Why experts think China is causing catastrophic damage to Coral Reef

Experts believe that the poop accumulation in South China Sea is so intense that it can see it from space

The Philippines demands withdrawal of over 200 Chinese vessels from Whitsun Reef, calls it ‘provocative action’

The Philippines has lodged diplomatic protest against Chinese vessels moored at Whitsun Reef off Palawan, which it claims as its EEZ.

Indian Navy welcomes China like a boss, conveys the ‘we are watching’ message

Indian Navy's message was clear; we are watching your every move.

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