Thursday, July 29, 2021



China’s sh*t talker-in-chief Chen Weihua tells US Senator to ‘send the troops’ after he accused China of genocide

Chen Weihua, associated with Chinese state-affiliated media China Daily, on Wednesday asked US Senator Tom Cotton to 'send the troops'.

Blinken hails Indo-US ties, says India’s democracy is a force for good in defence of a free and open world

Blinken said US recognizes that every democracy, starting with their own, is a work in progress.

Nine-member Taliban delegation visits China to meet Foreign Minister, signals growing China-Taliban ties after US withdrawal from Afghanistan

Taliban spokesperson Mohammed Naeen tweeted that a nine-member Taliban delegation visited China on an official invitation

Uyghur separatist group East Turkestan Islamic Movement now active in Afghanistan: UNSC Report

China had earlier this month expressed concerned about Afghanistan being used as breeding ground for East Turkestan Islamic Movement.

Chinese citizens harass foreign journalists after BBC questions govt’s failure in containing floods: Here is what happened

Chinese citizens with 100K+ followers have accused DW and BBC of spreading rumours after the govt was questioned on Zhengzhou floods

PTI pushes positive report on Chinese vaccine amidst global concern over its efficacy

The CoronaVac vaccine is produced by the Sinovac Biotech Company in China and there are global concerns regarding its efficacy.

Why His Holiness the Dalai Lama deserves the Bharat Ratna: India will be honouring its own traditions of Karuna and Ahimsa

The life and message of His Holiness the Dalai Lama has been an example of the principle of 'Nishkama Karma Yoga' from the Bhagwat Gita.

US charges 4 Chinese nationals working with the Ministry of State Security in the China-backed global hacking campaign

The announcement came as the US government jointly with NATO, the European Union, Britain, Australia, Japan, New Zealand and Canada, accused China of a global cyber espionage campaign on Monday.

Denial, admission, glorification: China is now celebrating ‘martyrdom’ of its soldiers killed in Galwan valley last year making details public

Earlier in February, China had admitted to having lost 4 of its soldiers in the Galwan clash. The glorification of this slain soldier takes the official toll higher.

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