Tuesday, April 13, 2021



US efforts to promote human rights in China enjoy major bipartisan support among Americans, Pew Research finds

Republicans and Democrats alike share the view that the US should promote and defend human rights in China, Pew Research finds.

Paypal founder and major Trump backer Peter Thiel calls China ‘weirdly autistic’ and ‘uncharismatic’: Read details

Peter Thiel said that countries such as India, Vietnam, Japan and Taiwan are more likely to side with the USA than China.

US Navy boasts that it broke Indian maritime rules, conducts FONOP off Lakshadweep Islands inside India’s EEZ

The US Navy has boasted that they had carried out Freedom of Navigation operations 130 nautical miles off Lakshadweep, inside India's EEZ.

Chinese Embassy attempts to bully Indian media over Taiwan coverage, accuses media of inciting ‘Taiwan separatism’

The Chinese Embassy in India has issued a press release after the Indian media reported on Taiwan.

Curious case of Twitter verifying new handle of unknown person: Pro-China, anti-Trump propaganda and Uyghur genocide denial

While the provision of applying for verification of Twitter account is not available now, account spreading pro-China propaganda was verified

The tale of the Chinese citizen who makes pro-China edits to open-source maps of the Line of Actual Control

Chinese users are editing open-source maps like OpenStreetMap.org in order to perform cartographic warfare.

USA: How Carnegie Mellon University’s Graduate Student Assembly had to apologize to China, not India

The original March 8 statement made a passing reference to the "protests in India", "escalations against Hong Kong’s democracy movement", and "internment camps and forced labor in Xinjiang."

New Zealand snubs Australia to stand with China over WHO’s Covid-19 origin report

China is currently New Zealand's biggest trading partner with annual two-way trade of more than NZ$32 billion ($22.3 billion).

U.S. State Department report says China is committing ‘genocide’ against Uyghur Muslims, Uyghur advocacy group welcomes the report

U.S. State Department report says that China is committing "genocide and crimes against humanity” against its Uyghur Muslims

USA: Biden administration formally declares China’s treatment of Uyghurs as genocide

First declared by Trump administration in January, Biden administration formalizes genocide declaration against China.

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