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Chinese tennis player goes missing after accusing top Communist leader of coercing her into sex: Details

Chinese Tennis player Peng Shuai went missing after she accused former Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli of coercing her into sex

China: Apple and Tesla halt production amidst energy crisis. Here is what we know so far

Besides the new emission standards, the situation has been further aggravated due to coal supply shortage, and its high prices.

Unholy Nexus: Read how the Vatican snubbed the West, ignored the persecution of Christians to forge a deal with China

Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin had said that West has to apologise to Pope Francis over their criticism of his policy

Chinese woman says China is running ‘secret jails’ in Dubai to detain Uyghur Muslims: Report

The Han Chinese woman alleged that she was placed in a 'secret jail' of China in Dubai with two other Uyghur Muslim detainees.

China to ban karaoke songs containing ‘illegal content’, to create a blacklist of songs that endanger national unity

China will create a blacklist of karaoke songs containing "illegal content", content providers asked to scrutinise songs for banned content

Taiwan’s Olympic gold medal in badminton made the Chinese athletes listen to the Taiwanese national flag anthem

Taiwan is compelled to represent in the Olympic Games as 'Chinese Taipei' due to pressure from China on the International Olympic Committee.

Strict lockdowns are back in China after rising Covid Delta variant cases, multiple cities under lockdown. Here is what we know so far

The recent outbreak of Coronavirus cases has been found to be linked to a cluster in Nanjing city in Jiangsu province where more than 360 cases have been reported in the past 2 weeks.

China: Over 170 Uyghur Muslims detained for offering Eid prayers in violation of orders in Xinjiang

Authorities had allowed people above 50 to offer Eid prayers, more than 170 Uyghur Muslims below 50 detained for violating the order

India operationalises Rafale jets in Eastern corridor to counter Chinese aggression, inducted to squadron in Bengal’s Hasimara IAF base: Reports

Despite the numerical strength of China, the IAF has a 'terrain advantage' in both ground attack and aerial combat along the LAC.

Chinese citizens harass foreign journalists after BBC questions govt’s failure in containing floods: Here is what happened

Chinese citizens with 100K+ followers have accused DW and BBC of spreading rumours after the govt was questioned on Zhengzhou floods

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