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China, which puts Muslims in ‘camps’ and bans everything Islamic, tells Sweden, where Quran was burnt, to respect Muslim beliefs

China took potshots at Sweden, for allegedly not 'respecting' Muslim beliefs, after riots broke out in the Scandinavian nation over the burning of a copy of the Quran

Chinese surgeons removed hearts of patients while they were still alive under government orders, shows study

Chinese surgeons, working at state-run civilian and military hospitals, have been cutting out prisoners’ hearts while they’re still alive, reveals study

Nepali traders suffer heavy losses as China enforces ‘undeclared’ border blockades under the pretext of fighting COVID-19

Nepali traders have accused China of not granting them visas to travel on the other side of border for trade purposes.

China: Officials penalised for allowing an unmarried couple to have 15 children in violation of the one-child policy

The officials were penalised for the violation of China's infamous One-child policy that refrains couples from having more than one child

Former UK diplomat narrates how he was set up by a British professor and monitored by Chinese Intelligence in 2018

Former UK diplomat Charles Patron narrates how he was subjected to surveillance by the Chinese Intelligence

Chinese military hands over missing 19-year-old Arunachal boy Miram Taron to Indian Army

Miram Taron was handed over to Indian Army by PLA soldiers at the WACHA-DAMAI interaction point in Arunachal Pradesh

China intrudes into air defence zone of Taiwan with 39 aircraft, largest incursion since October 2021

Earlier in October last year, Taiwan informed that 148 Chinese aircraft entered the country's air defence zone in the Southern and southwestern sectors. The island nation had emphasised that about its resolve for peace but cautioned that it would defend in case of attacks.

China used actors to stage flag hoisting video in Chinese territory claiming to be Galwan valley, reveal Weibo users before their accounts suspended

Some users on Weibo revealed that China had shot the propaganda video on flag hoisting in Galwan using well known actors

Tibetan Parliament-in-exile condemns China after it criticised Indian MPs for participating in Tibetan Advocacy Campaign: Details of the statement

On December 22, 2021, 6 Indians MPs had attended a dinner reception hosted by the Tibetan Parliament-in-exile.

China’s plans to undermine sovereignty of nation-States through its ‘debt trap’ policy is beginning to backfire: Report

One Road One Belt (OBOR) has been dubbed as the 'project of the century' by Chinese Premier Xi Jinping.

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