Monday, June 24, 2024



New email exchanges reveal the connection between Newsclick, Neville Roy Singham, and the Chinese propaganda film ‘The Secret of China’

In a series of purported email exchanges, the pro-Chinese handlers are seen deliberating at great length on how to propagate 'The Secret of China' to peddle a pro-Chinese narrative to audiences outside China.

Communist leaders in India attend Chinese Embassy event to mark the centenary of China’s Communist Party

Yechury and other leaders had congratulated Chinese Communist Party on completing 100 years on July 1.

From surveilling Chinese students in the US to running spy rings in top US universities: All you need to know about CCP infiltration

Lately, it has been revealed how the Communist Party of China has funnelled a massive amount of money into ivy league US universities including Stanford, Harvard in an effort to infiltrate into these research institutes.

US telecom regulator designates Chinese firms Huawei, ZTE as national security threats

The US telecommunications regulator issued the declaration and proposed requiring rural carriers to remove and replace equipment from the two Chinese companies from existing US networks.

Quit religion or face punishment: China tells members of the communist party

China believes that foreign forces are using religion to infiltrate China, posing serious threat to its security.

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