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Crime Patrol

While Sony TV claims their now-deleted episode was not based on Shraddha murder case, the resemblance is uncanny

Though Sony TV has stepped out in defence and denied any resemblance to any recent incident, one cannot ignore the fact that the snippets of the show revealed uncanny similarities between the non-deleted episode and the murder of Shraddha Walker

Sony LIV deletes Shraddha Walkar episode of Crime Patrol where they depicted Aftab as ‘Mihir’ and Shraddha as ‘Anna’

Shraddha Walkar episode of Crime Patrol deleted from Sony Liv app after uproar over 'converted' names of victim and perpetrator.

Sony’s Crime Patrol distorts Shraddha Walkar murder case, changes Aftab to ‘Mihir’ and Shraddha to ‘Anna Fernandes’

Sony's latest Crime Patrol episode, the channel changed identities of Aftab and Shraddha to 'Mihir' and 'Anna'.

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