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In December 2018, Kejriwal had alleged that the BJP has got 30 lakh names of votes deleted. Rajeev Babbar had filed a defamation case over it.
Srinagar District Magistrate Court has issued a non-bailable warrant against Republic TV chief, Arnab Goswami in a defamation case filed by PDP MLA Naeem Akhtar.
Congress had picked up the malicious article by Caravan Magazine and conducted a press conference where allegations were hurled upon Vivek Doval, NSA Ajit Doval's son. Doval had then filed a criminal defamation case
Read exclusive details of the criminal defamation case filed by Vivek Doval, son of Ajit Doval against Caravan Magazine and Congress leader Jairam Ramesh
Vivek Doval, son of NSA Ajit Doval has filed a criminal defamation complaint against Congress leader Jairam Ramesh, Editor-in-Chief of Caravan Magazine and Caravan Magazine reporter Kaushal Sharoff
Arnab Goswami has been attracting threats from Congress leaders and those associated with them, especially, Shashi Tharoor
Interestingly, he also staked his claim to the disputed Babri Masjid site in Ayodhya and said that he will give the land to the Hindus as he is the rightful owner of the land as well as the site.
"He provided no proof for his baseless, motivated allegations. Freedom of Expression is not the right to lie".
We have categorically rejected all charges, refused to take the articles down and certainly refused to apologise.
The bank is planning to use video recordings of the press conference and transcripts as evidence against the two ministers
Reliance had earlier issued a cease and desist notice to Congress leaders.
After framing charges and taking Rahul's statement, the court has set August 10 as next date for the hearing.
Swati Chaturvedi has posted derogatory comments on Tajinder Bagga
A criminal defamation case has also been filed by Tajinder Bagga against Jawaid.
Editor of AAP propaganda website abuses BJP spokesperson Tajinder Bagga
Swati Chaturvedi had accused BJP spokesperson Tajinder Bagga of being arrested for sexual harassment.
All doesn't seem to be well between Kejriwal and Ram Jethmalani
Arun Jaitley has slapped another defamation suit on Arvind Kejriwal after Ram Jethmalani called him a 'crook'.
A Legal Rights activist group has claimed to have received death threats from Maoists.
The legal notice warns of civil and criminal proceedings including seeking monetary damages from Arnab Goswami and others.
Arrest warrant against her for some tweets is actually the embodiment of what is known as Kashmiriyat.
The social activist has responded in detail why the case against her is unjust and has also questioned the silence of some.
Kejriwal is paying Jethmalani way more compared to what the Punjab govt is paying
U-Turn and attack on Freedom of Expression - Kejriwal achieves both in one move
No Country is Free without Right to Free Speech

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