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Daleep Singh, Joe Biden’s economic advisor, threatens India during his trip: Here is how S Jaishankar called out the West’s hypocrisy

Deputy National Security Adviser for International Economics of the Biden administration, Daleep Singh, courted controversy after he threatened India with 'consequences' for purchasing oil from Russia

India’s oil Imports from the US set to increase by 11% even after India purchased crude oil from Russia amidst the war crisis

While India is facing criticism for buying Russian oil, India's oil import from the US is set to go up by 11%

‘Russian oil cargoes that could not find European buyers are being bought by India’: Report

Lars Barstad, the CEO of a New York-listed tanker company has been quoted by the FT report as saying, "the discounts on the Russian Urals for India was about $25-30 per barrel. Freight rates would add only $3-4 per barrel, making the trade economic for India."

India is dependent on oil imports and always exploring options, Russia not a major supplier: MEA on reports of India buying discounted Russian oil

MEA clarified that Russia is not a major oil supplier for India, and the country is always exploring all possibilities

US journalist threatens India with sanctions for buying Russian oil, while all NATO countries continue paying Russia billions for energy and other products

These 'experts' have chosen to conveniently ignore that major NATO countries have continued to purchase billions of dollars worth of Russian oil and gas while using heavy words to denounce the Russian military operation in Ukraine, and pumping weapons into the war, basically paying both sides to fight.

Canada does not buy crude from Russia but Justin Trudeau bans the import, European nations continue gas and oil imports from Russia

Even after imposing sanctions on Russia for invading Ukraine, European nations continue to import gas and oil from Russia

Boats spray water on the sea at the Gulf of Mexico after gas leakage causes pipelines to catch fire, leaves netizens puzzled

A fire broke out in the Gulf of Mexico after a gas leak from an underwater pipeline of a State-owned oil company Pemex.

Last presidential debate: Biden wants to ‘transition’ from oil and gas, Trump hits him hard with jobs and business loss

"That’s maybe the biggest statement in terms of business. What he is saying is he is going to destroy the oil industry," Trump said.

Keralites in Kuwait to be most impacted as 8 lakh Indians may be forced to leave over new immigration law

As per reports, Kuwaiti officials have stated that 1.3 million out of the 3.35 million expats in the nation are either illiterate or can barely read or write.

Sonia Gandhi’s letter to PM Modi over fuel price hike exposes Congress’ hypocrisy

Sonia Gandhi wrote to PM Modi urging the government to roll back the fuel price hike.

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