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Ram is the foundation, the faith of India: PM Modi’s Ram Navami post asserts the glorious occasion that has arrived after 500 years

Prime Minister Narendra Modi took to X, formerly Twitter, to wish the nation on the first Ram Navami after Pran Pratishtha

Madras Music Academy: The dark history of how arts has been used to cover up misconducts of various hues

The Sangita Kalanidhi Award announed for TM Krishna by Music Academy presided over by N Murli as drawn outrage from several Hindu maestros

Propaganda, narrative & falsehoods packed in fancy words: How left-liberals over-intellectualise to project holier than thou approach against Hindu sentiments

The recent left liberal to rant was Saurabh Dwivedia who despite an attempt to sound like a political scientist, failed to drive home the point he was trying to make

Russia Ukraine conflict: CNN claims India is hurting US by helping Putin get richer. Here’s how it is wrong & sinister for so many...

While India's purchase of crude oil comes is far from hurting any economy and instead has stabilised the global economy in a volatile geopolitical environment, the United State's historical funding to Pakistan has come at a huge cost to India, its neighbourhood and human rights at large.

When ‘Singham’ Annamalai got a pat on the back from PM Modi: Read who the grassroots Tamil Nadu leader is and how he is...

An engineering graduate and a post-graduate in management, Annamalai went on to complete his MBA in Finance from IIM Lucknow. At one point he had aspired to be an entrepreneur but gave up that dream to pursue the bigger cause of connecting with the people.

How Khalistanis spread a corrupted version of partition to separate Punjab from its Hindu identity and further their agenda of geographical separation

Khalistanis don't want people to think that partition was India's loss, they don't think it was a loss for Hindus; they peddle the narrative that Punjab sacrificed land and life so naturally, for them, Sikhs sacrificed land and life and hence Sikhs, as per Khalistanis, have a divine right to a separate state carved out of India.

Haldwani violence: Who is Nainital DM Vandana Singh who exposed the mob’s plot to kill and didn’t submit to media’s pressure tactics? Details

Singh quelled all doubts and rumours about the violence that suggested that the violence was communal in nature.

Anti-India, anti-Hindu French scribe served notice over ‘malicious’ work: Who is Vanessa Dougnac who could lose her OCI card? Details

As per the notice, Dougnac's reportage was "malicious and critical in manner that they create biased negative perception about India".

Ram Mandir is being inaugurated after 500 years of struggle but naysayers want to pick up on petty issues. Here’s a word of advise...

Ahead of Bhoomi pujan in 2020, the same ecosystem objected to it citing covid, objecting to PM Modi's presence, CM Yogi Adityanath's presence, RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat's presence, Home Minister Amit Shah's presence; the muhurt (timing of Bhoomi pujan) and the sculpture of Shri Ram and what have you.

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