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‘Starve yourself to meet Jesus’: Christian cult leader in Kenya charged with murder of 191 children

Mackenzie, who ran the Good News International Church, is accused of leading a doomsday cult where he instructed his mass followers to starve themselves and their children to death so they could reach heaven.

France: Romanian yoga guru Gregorian Bivolaru, 40 others arrested in sexual exploitation charges, the ‘porno-yoga’ promoter aimed to have sex with 1,000 virgins

41 people including Romanian yoga guru Gregorian Bivolaru arrested after tantric yoga group accused of sex abuse in France.

Aravindan Balakrishnan and his Maoist cult in London: The sordid tale of exploitation, abuse and brainwashing

Katy Davies, daughter of Balakrishnan, recently spoke about her harrowing experience inside the cult headed by her biological father Aravindan Balakrishnan.

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