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Just when you thought they could not get more insane, they do: Top 4 scalding ‘liberal’ hot takes over Aryan Khan arrest

Since NCB arrested Aryan Khan, liberals are falling over themselves to exonerate him and brand him as victim of Islamophobia

India administers 100 crore coronavirus vaccine doses in less than 10 months: Here is how ‘Sarve Santu Niramaya’ manifested itself

India on October 21, administered over 14 lakh vaccine doses by morning as cumulative vaccination coverage crossed 100 crore

Atishi Marlena says India should forfeit its T20 WC match against Pakistan: Read how AAP has been doing exactly what Pakistan wants

From questioning India’s Surgical Strikes against terror camps in PoK to politicising Pulwama terror attack, AAP has never shied away from expressing its perennial love for Pakistan.

Bangladeshi actress Rafiath Rashid Mithila suffers sexual insults online from Islamists for wishing Hindus on Vijaya Dashami

The Islamist attack against Rafiath Rashid Mithila comes hot on the heels of a slew of attacks against Hindus in Bangladesh

On the 65th anniversary of Dr BR Ambedkar’s conversion to Buddhism, read what he thought of Islam and the Muslims in India

Ambedkar opined that it is an improbable prospect to expect Muslims to accept the authority of a government ruled by a Hindu majority because for them Hindus are Kaffirs and therefore, unworthy of respect and undeserving of ruling them.

Tata Group Companies led by Tata Motors register an impressive rally on the stock market, share prices rise by up to 20%

Tata Motors share price grew by 20 per cent on Wednesday to Rs 506 on the back of an Rs 7,500 crore agreement with TPG Rise Climate

The India where SRK is hated for being a Muslim exists, right in the mind and hearts of ‘Liberals’ and Islamists

In addition to liberals, the Islamists also hate Shah Rukh Khan for not being an "ideal" Muslim. The actor celebrates Ganesh Chaturthi at home every year and gets hatred from Islamists for not being 'Muslim enough'.

His name is Khan and he is not a victim: The ‘Muslim’ card played by ‘liberals’ in Aryan Khan drug case is absolute nonsense

After SRK's son Aryan Khan was denied bail on Friday last week, the left-leaning liberals conjectured that he is being hounded because of his 'Muslim' identity.

What terrorists are doing in Kashmir, ISIS and Al Qaeda are doing in Africa, killing community leaders: The global SOP of Islamic terrorism

There is a stark similarity in the modus operandi of Islamic terrorists in the Middle East and Africa and those operating in Kashmir.

Lakhimpur Kheri: Rahul Gandhi continues to make misleading statements to fan unrest

Rahul Gandhi continues to insinuate that the incident where the vehicle ran over 'protesting farmers' was deliberate and planned. However, videos of the incident point towards the exact opposite.

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