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Cyber Law

Kolkata Police forces ‘Hindu Voice’ to delete Tweet on Hindu idol vandalism by threatening legal action

Kolkata Cyber Police forces Twitter account 'Hindu Voice' to delete a Tweet posting news report on Hindu idol desecration

When journalists joined Kejriwal in attacking Paytm without any valid reason

As per rules and the IT law, any person is welcome to file a cyber-crime complaint with CBI.

Foul mouthed Twitter user files FIR against loud mouthed slanderer

A Twitter user Swati Chaturvedi, who often uses vicious and abusive language, has filed an FIR against an anonymous slanderer calling himself Lutyens Insider.

BuzzFeed India editor will continue to provoke the “ugly” and play victim, this is why

It is the favorite game of "liberals" to provoke and play victim, because there is an army of "intellectuals" to defend them.

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