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danish siddiqui

Danish Siddiqui was identified as an Indian by Taliban, dragged out of a mosque, beaten and executed, body mutilated: Read details

Danish Siddiqui's brutal murder has been whitewashed by the mainstream media and US State Department. He was beaten, riddled with bullets and his body was mutilated by Taliban after they confirmed his identity as an Indian journalist working for Reuters.

Taliban killed, mutilated Danish Siddiqui’s body as he was Indian, ‘apologised’ after details of his work was hailed

Local Afghan leaders and army personnel reveal how Taliban knew Danish Siddiqui was Indian and was killed and had his body mutilated because of their hate for India.

When death is not a leveler: Why did we forget the murder of cameraperson Achyutananda Sahu by liberal terrorists in Chhattisgarh?

Nobody wanted to talk about DD cameraperson Achyutanands Sahu's hopes and dreams and the lives of those he touched. Nobody even cared to send hazaar lanaatein (thousand curses) to the bullet that killed him.

Islamists outrage after liberals say RSS is inspired by Taliban, accuse them of maligning the Jihadi terror group

Islamists felt aghast at the thought of liberals associating the Sangh with Taliban, says that it means blaming Muslims for the works of RSS

Twitter censors tweets that exposed liberal hypocrisy over Danish Siddiqui’s photograph, calls it ‘abuse’ and ‘harassment’

Twitter is finding new ways to censor political opinion it is not fond of. This time, it is related to a photograph of Danish Siddiqui.

Video of photojournalist Danish Siddiqui’s TED Talk offering a one-sided view of Kashmir conflict and shielding Islamic terrorists goes viral

A video of photojournalist Danish Siddiqui offering a lopsided view of Kashmir conflict is doing the rounds on social media websites

Professor at Stevens Institute of Technology claims that the Taliban, which murdered Danish Siddiqui, is better than ‘sangh’

Gaurav Sabnis suggested that Taliban had showcased more humanity than Sangh despite being the killer of the Danish Siddiqui

A day after the death of photo-journalist Danish Siddiqui, strange behaviour is noticed on his Twitter account

On Friday, award-winning Reuters photo-journalist was murdered by the Taliban as he was covering the conflict in Afghanistan

After the Taliban killed Indian photojournalist Danish Siddiqui, pictures of his family being sold on Getty for Rs 23,000 each

Incidentally, Getty Images had hosted pictures of funeral pyres of Covid victims in India at the same price as that of the relatives of Danish Siddiqui

A bullet killed Danish Siddiqui, not the Taliban? Ravish Kumar writes a Facebook post, does an NDTV video, but forgets the truth

NDTV news anchor Ravish Kumar took to Facebook to express his condolence to Danish Siddiqui, a Reuters photojournalist killed by the Taliban in Afghanistan.

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