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The French Embassy has clarified that this is "fake news" and that no Pakistani pilots have been trained in the Rafales delivered to Qatar.
Congress and its president Rahul Gandhi have tried all their might to scuttle the deal by purveying lies about the deal and allegations of corruption against the Modi government, despite CAG and Supreme Court dismissing their claims.
Rahul Gandhi said that a few days ago, the Indian Airforce "attacked" Pakistan and dropped bombs. In the process, some of our men also martyred.
The CAG report states that price of basic aircraft same in both the Rafale deals, but the NDA deal is cheaper overall
France will be getting 28 Rafale in 2022-24 as the last batch of aircraft it had ordered in 2009, no new order for Rafale has neen placed by French govt
The data available in the public domain clearly shows the present Rafale deal represents a beneficial deal for the country and the Indian Air Force.
Rahul Gandhi's claim that the Rafale cost in the UPA deal was ₹560 crore is a lie.
The Lok Sabha speaker instructed Congress leaders to behave in a dignified manner in the Parliament.
Rumours of Rahul Gandhi meeting Eurofighter officials during his Europe visit was doing the round on social media.
India has issued the first 25% of the over 59,000 crore deal to the French government.
The SC today dismissed all the petitions over the Rafale deal.
"Look at the facts, not Tweets," said Alexandre Zeigler.
The Rafale affidavit does not say IAF was not consulted and Reliance got ₹30000 crore, as Rahul Gandhi claims
Government will submit affidavit that price detail of Rafale can't be revealed
Akhilesh Yadav has claimed that India is getting single seat Rafale instead of twin-seater version
Dassault selected Reliance on its own, clarified CEO Éric Trappier
The French defence expert has confirmed that the so-called Dassault official documents are actually trade union leaflets
The French trade unions are complaining about job loss due to Dassault's India plants
HAL had issued a circular to its employees yesterday mentioning the employees' code of conduct against attending political events.
The government is reportedly making a list of all the projects awarded to Anil Ambani's group during UPA rule
Dassault reiterates that they were free to choose their Indian offset partner
Dassault Aviation clarifies, offset is mandatory, not Reliance as a partner
these speculations are only in the realm of possibility with no proof
Surely, we all must ponder who is being “unimaginative” here!
Earlier, too, the page had shared unverifiable information which was widely shared by Congress and AAP leaders
Such incoherent and baseless mentions make these allegations frivolous without any substance or relation to the above listed actual facts.
As the election season approaches, Rahul Gandhi has determined that the Rafale deal is the best strategy to corner Narendra Modi
The former President of France Hollande saying that he is unaware of any pressure applied by the Indian government
Dassault has officially stated that partnership with Reliance Defence was its own choice and it is presently negotiating with a hundred more companies for investments in India.

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