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PM Modi to unveil two new reactors at Kakrapar NPP, Gujarat: Read how leftists have been trying to stall India’s nuclear ambitions for decades

India’s nuclear power plans have for years suffered due to the politics of leftist-communist parties as well as anti-nuclear activism. Such players have on multiple occasions resorted to fearmongering and stalling nuclear power projects.

‘MNCs will be required to display the number of Kannadiga employees on notice boards on campuses’: Karnataka Minister Shivaraj S Tangadagi

Karnataka government recently passed a new rule on Thursday (15th February) according to which business licenses would be cancelled if the signboards do not have 60 per cent Kannada.

Dispatch from Israel: Understanding what Israel feels about ‘loss of lives’ in Palestine and why they may not react as the ‘liberal’ world wants

On the 7th of October 2023, Israel woke up to her worst nightmare. As the sirens blared and citizens of Israel looked for shelter, a couple of thousand Islamic terrorists from Hamas attacked the bewildered civilians from air, sea, and land.

Bengal police share video to claim officer was abused with ‘Khalistani’ slur, hide replies questioning its veracity as Suvendu Adhikari threatens legal action

IPS officer Jaspreet Singh is posted as a Special Superintendent of Police (Intelligence Bureau) with West Bengal Police.

Rajasthan: Police book Ibbar, Aslam, Saddam, Khalid, and others in Alwar’s illegal beef market case, read what the FIR says

FIR revealed accused in illegal beef market case were involved in cow slaughter for years

Rahul Gandhi almost gets a journalist lynched during his Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra in UP, tries to incite crowd on caste lines

"Are you from the media? What is your name? What is the name of the owner of your organisation?" Rahul Gandhi asked the journalist.

West Bengal: Hindus perform puja inside disputed ‘Adina mosque’ in Malda, FIR lodged against priest Hirnamoy Goswami

The Hindu priest was stopped from conducting rituals by assistant sub-inspector Navin Chandra Poddar, who told Goswami that he could not offer his prayers at the disputed mosque.

Can’t use tractor trolleys on highways: Punjab and Haryana High Court slams agitating farmers, says right to protest is subjected to reasonable restrictions

During the hearing, ACJ Sandhawalia also objected to Punjab farmers travelling in tractors and trolleys for protest.

With some Muslims feeling unsafe in India, Pakistan should introduce its own version of CAA

Elections have just finished in Pakistan- Whichever government comes, or grabs power, should take up a task in the very first meeting of the cabinet to start a ‘CAA-PAKISTAN’, or CAAPAK (they normally copy us) to accept all those Muslims in India who feel persecuted

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