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Republic TV journalist, Nalini Sharma, was allegedly threatened by former Congress leader and lawyer of AgustaWestland middleman Christian Michel, Aljo K Joseph, for asking questions to him.
Admiral DK Joshi had given an exclusive interview to NDVT, but that was soon deleted by the media company.
ABP News' interview of the PM that was telecast yesterday morning did not feature a crucial part, it was shared only later in the day, what might be the reasons?
Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar had revealed that he had found $3 billion (or Rs 20,000 crore) of Govt of India money lying forgotten in a US account.
Jaitley highlights the issue of politicians and their 'extended family' living well without working. He states that instead of directly indulging in corruption through bribery, wheeler-dealers or fly-by-night operators are being used by corrupt politicians to get 'sweetheart deals'.
Smriti Irani alleged that Rahul Gandhi's alleged association with the Eurofighter and Sanjay Bhandari losing out on Rafale deal as the main reason behind his attempts to scuttle the whole Rafale Deal.
Lockheed Martin said that the F-21 is different, inside and out and it is specifically configured for Indian Air Force requirements
Think about the Air Force pilots who will have to fly these 40-year junk planes that we are purchasing from the Russian garbage dump in our desperation
N Ram publishes more lies about the Rafale deal in The Hindu
First batch of 4 Chinook transport helicopters arrived at Mundra port in Gujarat
Vadra is alleged to be the actual owner of a posh London property brought through laundered money via a Dubai firm.
When the destruction of a man is inevitable, the conscience of the man is the first to die.
Lawyer Gautam Khaitan, a co-accused in the Agusta Westland Chopper scam has been arrested by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) on charges of money laundering
Gautam Khaitan is one of the main accused in chopper purchase scandal and is alleged to have routed bribe through shell companies abroad
PM Modi inaugurated India's first manufacturing facility for self-propelled K9-Vajra.
Major Arora, appears before ED court in relation to a money laundering case.
British High commision gets consular access to Christian Michel, who is currently under the custody of Indian Investigative agencies.
It as recently revealed that Michel had allegedly lobbied on behalf of Eurofighter to influence the Rafale deal.
NDTV draws parallel between imaginary Rafale scam and real scams during Congress rule
Manoj Aroa maintained correspondence with Sanjay Bhandari on behalf of Robert Vadra regarding a property in London
Moily has accused the IAF chief of trying to suppress facts.
Supreme Court dismissed petitions for an enquiry into Rafale deal pricing, offset partner selection and procurement procedure. Read scathing observations
Amit Shah said his government is ready to debate with Congress on Rafale in the Parliament.
With today's Supreme Court verdict on the 'Rafale scam', the matter should be finally allowed to rest. But judging from their conduct thus far, it appears unlikely.
The CBI had told the court that the samples were require for matching with the documents in its possession.
Singhvi said for the officials that governments keep changing and that they should remind their political masters that time is not always the same.
The raid has been conducted by the ED a day after raiding the offices of Robert Vadra in Delhi and Bengaluru.
As per various reports, they are currently examining the details submitted by GOI in response to the petition against the Rafale deal
Tel Aviv and Goa to have a direct flight, to ensure easy travel of tourists from both sides.
Dassault CEO Eric Trappier rubbished Rahul Gandhi's claims and said that in his position as a CEO, he does not need to lie.

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