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‘Samdhi, bhai, and the jilted ex’: Know what Mahua Moitra is alluding to in her statement that brings a ‘saas-bahu’ style drama to the...

In the 'gifts for questions' allegations against Mahua Moitra, Gautam Adani's samdhi's brother has also been named by Darshan Hiranandani

Chungthang dam washed away in Sikkim: What caused the disaster and how the government plans to minimise such risks in future

As per NDMA, excess rainfall and a GLOF event at South Lhonak Lake caused the lake to overflow, destroying Chungthang dam in Sikkim

Princeton professor Ashoka Mody uses his opinion on GDP calculation mythology to claim that India’s growth story is fake: Read details

Ashoka Mody claims India’s growth story is fake because India uses income approach of GDP calculation

Himanta Biswa Sarma govt in Assam holds 100 cabinet meetings in 2 years & 4 months, over 98% of 1,238 decisions implemented

The Assam government has held 100 cabinet meetings in just 2 years and 4 months, since the government came to power in May 2021.

Congress party uses false numbers, wrong comparisons to claim parliament speech of Rahul Gandh more popular than PM Modi’s

Congress party has used false numbers for views of PM Modi’s speech on Twitter and Facebook, as the actual numbers are much more

As Modi government is revamping criminal justice system by replacing British-era laws, read the major provisions of the 3 bills introduced in parliament

Significant changes have been made in new bills revamping criminal justice system, with laws related to the colonial rule and outdated laws being repealed, and new laws introduced

A step towards curbing the menace of Love Jihad? Amit Shah introduces new Bill that criminalises sexual relations established under false pretences

Amit Shah said that under new criminal law, having sex with a woman by hiding real identity is defined as a crime

Social media users claim Modi govt restricted personal computer imports to benefit JioBook, the fact is it will be worst affected product: Details

Will restriction on import of personal computers benefit Reliance's Jio Book? A fact check

Congress repeats Rafale lies: Here is how the party is using baseless claims and debunked falsehoods to derail drone deal with the US

Congress leader Pawan Khera made several baseless claims targeting the recently announced MQ-9B drone deal with the US govt

The claim of missing ₹500 notes: Exclusive details of how data from documents obtained under RTI was misinterpreted and ignored to make an explosive...

The Free Press Journal claim that 1760.65 million pieces of ₹500 notes supplied by presses in 2016-17 is wrong, based on misinterpretation of data

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