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Attack on EVMs resumes after Mid-Day claimed a phone was used to unlock EVMs, here is how the report is completely fake and misleading

Mid-Day published fake news claiming that a phone was used to unlock EVM in Mumbai, while police probing only entry of unauthorised phone in counting centre

Lok Sabha elections: BJP’s vote share dropped in all constituencies in Uttar Pradesh except two, here is how the party performed in the state...

BJP lost most seats in Uttar Pradesh, which came down from 62 seats in 2019 to 33 in Lok Sabha elections this year

Social media filled with rumours of 7 Independents and 3 MPs from smaller parties supporting NDA: Here is the reality

While it is possible that some more MPs will extend support to NDA, the possibility of all 7 independents supporting NDA is nil

Guardian makes a brain-dead ‘documentary’ about Indian elections where they talk to other brain-dead people, spreads misinformation, lies and hate against Hindus and India

Guardian journalist Hannah talked to a few known Modi haters like Akash Banerjee and Pratik Sinha to claim that misinformation and hate speech have increased during the Modi government

Arvind Kejriwal lies again, falsely claims Punjab Power Corporation was making losses before AAP govt, hides the truth behind free electricity

Arvind Kejriwal falsely claims that Punjab Power Corporation was making losses before AAP govt, while it was making profits before AAP govt

Supreme Court instructs ECI to keep Symbol Loading Units in strong rooms after elections: Read what these devices are and how the order will...

Symbol Loading Units are used to load candidate names and symbols into the VVPAT machines before the elections

Wikipedia distorts history: Claims Pakistan’s first law minister JN Mandal returned to India for his son’s illness, does not mention his concerns about anti-Hindu...

Jogendra Nath Mandal resigned from Pakistan govt and returned to India in 1950 due to anti-Hindu riots and policies, and the anti-Dalit bias in Muslim majority administration in Pakistan.

Guardian article claims India was inspired by Jamal Khashoggi murder to kill terrorists in Pakistan, here is how this proves it is a work...

The Guardian article claims that R&AW was inspired to kill enemies abroad after the assassination of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi in Turkey

While Congress demands guarantee that BJP will not change the constitution, its own manifesto promises at least 6 major changes to the constitution

In the manifesto Nyay Patra, Congress party has promised to made several changes to the constitution, on the same day the party demanded guarantee from PM of not changing the constitution

Arvind Kejriwal was directly involved in formulating excise policy, taking bribes and using the money, money sent to Goa via Hawala: Here is what...

In the application seeking 10-day custody of Arvind Kejriwal, ED said that he was directly involved in formulating the liquor policy, taking bribes and using the money

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