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Few achievements of defence ministry during the past few years.
In March, the controversial left-wing lawyer Prashant Bhushan wanted to file an eight-page note, which was allegedly "stolen" from the defence ministry and later published by N Ram of the Hindu.
Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar had revealed that he had found $3 billion (or Rs 20,000 crore) of Govt of India money lying forgotten in a US account.
According to the India Today report, Hebe Benjamin's husband was an officer in the Indian Army and served in the Corps of Engineers. He had retired in 1966 and had relocated with his family to Israel.
PM Modi inaugurated India's first manufacturing facility for self-propelled K9-Vajra.
AAP leader Somnath Bharti had claimed that PM Modi had ordered to cancel 52 allowances given to Army officers.
The National Commission for Women also seems to upset against Rahul Gandhi after he had said PM Modi 'to be a man and answer his question'.
The MoS Defence said the search operation was conducted in accordance with the laid down procedures, causing no undue harassment of the locals and a ‘No objection certificate’ was obtained from the village elders.
Though appointment of Pramod Sawant as Speaker and recent induction of Nilesh Cabral as Minister is a positive sign, BJP Goa certainly needs a lot more.
If it will take one or two decades more, then why not give our designers the time to conduct more research and roll out better submarines? Why predict doomsday in the headline?
The Ministry of Defence spokesperson's Twitter handle has since apologised for the tweet
Dassault selected Reliance on its own, clarified CEO Éric Trappier
The recent arrests of the Pakistani spies have led to a conclusion that Pakistan's ISI is aggressively trying to make inroads in India's defence sector
Bhandari has reportedly contacted some senior officials through an associate recently.
It was Manmohan Singh's government who wanted a 'Muslim Headcount' in the Indian armed forces
Over the past few months, the Rafale deal has transformed into a political slug-fest.
As of now, it appears that the allegations of a scam by either side are merely political rhetoric
Advocate ML Sharma is known for filling PILs in Supreme Court on various issues, many of which have been dismissed by the apex court
"The desperation of the Opposition is clear. Congress is displaying irresponsibility", said the Defence Minister
The country has hailed this magnificent achievement by these six Indian Navy officers
The government provides railway tickets at a highly subsidized rate, with citizens bearing only 43% of the total cost
Will she look back and wish she had given more time and thought to the matter?
Many lapped up the misleading information that went viral on social media
“The S-400 deal has been on for a very long time and we have reached the final stage of negotiations. That explains it," she added.
The government needs to do some damage control and a year is long enough to do so
Ukraine government is investigating a criminal case filed against officials of Ukraine's state-owned enterprises.
Instead of admiration for attempts to modernize the armed forces, nefarious campaigns based on unfounded allegations are labelling it a 'scam'
Ministry clarifies how the Congress has been giving misleading and damaging statements regarding the deal.
It is a major victory for India's indigenous defence capabilities

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