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On Ahmedabad Foundation Day, read about trail of destruction of Hindu temples in the city by the Islamic Sultans

The 'foundation' of Ahmedabad as a city as it stands today was laid by Ahmed Shah. However, it existed as Karnavati and Asawal before the barbarians invaded us and destroyed our temples.

British historian romanticises ‘love’ of Malwa Sultan – the cowardly Islamic ruler who had abandoned his so-called love leading to her suicide

British historian romanticizes Malwa Sultan Baz Bahadur’s love for shepherdess Roopmati , didn’t mention that she committed suicide after he abandoned her

The Islamic invasions of Srirangam: How Delhi Sultanate ravaged one of Vaishnavism’s most sacred sites

Srirangam contribution is particularly noteworthy because it is one of the holiest sites for Vaishnavites, the devotees of Lord Vishnu.

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