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All freebies, zero wealth creation: How Congress party’s 5 Nyay ‘manifesto’ reads like a toolkit to bankrupt India

In an attempt to present a new edition of the freebies it offered in Karnataka's assembly elections in 2023, the Congress party has ended up envisioning a 'manifesto' to bankrupt India.

Why Somalia has so many pirates? As Indian Navy rescues another ship, read how Somali pirates came to be a menace in the Indian...

Economic desperation, coupled with the absence of effective governance, led to the emergence of piracy as a lucrative business in Somalia.

US says it is ‘closely monitoring’ the implementation of CAA in India: Here is why their ‘concerns’ are hypocritical and how they too have...

While the USA chooses to 'watch closely' India's internal policies, it overlooks its analogous legislation aimed at aiding persecuted religious minorities.

Bengaluru water crisis: Posh flat owners going to malls to use toilet, govt puts restrictions on car washing, gardening and fountains

A social media post going viral says that Prestige Falcon City, where flats cost more than Rs 1 crore, has no water even for toilets and kitchen and tenants have abandoned flats.

Family court in Indore orders wife to give Rs 5,000 per month as maintenance to her jobless husband: Read how the Hindu Marriage Act...

The court ordered the wife to grant alimony to husband in compliance with the Hindu Marriage Act, which is gender-neutral.

Police didn’t add more serious charges under IPC and POCSO: What Calcutta HC said while ordering second post-mortem of minor girl raped and murdered

It is mentioned in the complaint that the victim girl's face was bloodied and she had suffered a direct attack on her face, her eyes were gouged out, her ears were torn off, and her mandible was slit open as well. However, none of these injuries were mentioned in the post-mortem report.

Projects worth more than one lakh crores announced: How Modi government is writing India’s new growth story

With the inauguration and laying the foundation stone of various other projects, the Modi government is continuing to write the growth story of a new India.

Sonia Gandhi files RS nomination from Rajasthan after Rahul fled from Amethi in 2019: Has Congress already accepted another defeat?

There are speculations that Priyanka Vadra may contest the 'family bastion' seat of Rae Bareli. However looking at 2019 fiasco of Congress where they lost deposits in 63 of 67 contested seats under Priyanka's leadership, winning will be very difficult.

Nitish Kumar’s political journey: From Lalu to BJP to Lalu to BJP to Lalu to…….. What will the ‘Palti Master’ do next?

Nitish Kumar was once known as "Sushasan Babu". Now, he is knkown as the "Palti Master" for numerous political alignments and realignments.

Amid a new episode of political turmoil in Bihar, the Maha Gathbandhan govt likely to end and Nitish Kumar may return to NDA: Read...

It is being speculated that Nitish Kumar will take oath as CM of JD(U)-BJP govt with Sushil Modi as the deputy CM on Sunday.

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