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‘Harappan civilisation is 7000 to 8000 years old’: Scientists studying DNA samples from Rakhigarhi site find

The ASI and Deccan College Pune have worked together over the past two years to complete the third phase of excavations at Rakhigarhi, led by ASI joint director Sanjay Kumar Manjul and Deccan College Pune assistant professor Prabhodh Shirwalkar.

As China increases mass DNA collection, global lawmakers urge countries to stop business with companies supplying kits to China

Beijing's mass DNA collection forces global lawmakers to halt business with companies supplying the technology to China

Shraddha Walkar murder case: DNA report confirms the bones recovered from Delhi forest belong to Shraddha Walkar

Delhi police sources revealed that DNA from skeletal remains found by the Delhi Police in the Mehrauli forest in connection with the gruesome Shraddha Walkar murder case matched with specimens from the victim's father.

Central Forensic Laboratory refuses to share the DNA report of Gumnami Baba, believed to be Netaji Bose in disguise, sought in an RTI query

Many people believe that Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose survived the plane crash in 1945 and lived as Gumnami Baba in UP

China extends DNA sample collection to Tibet under ‘crime detection’ program, had earlier done so for Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang

DNA was collected from residents in at least 7 villages, 2 townships, 2 towns, 2 counties and 1 prefecture of the Tibetan Autonomous Region, as per a report by Human Rights Watch.

How to prove a crime when murder weapon is a snake? Here is how SIT nailed Kerala man who killed his wife with a...

Suraj had married Uthra for the greed of money and his family was allegedly harassing her for more dowry.

Study of Rakhigarhi remains finds no Central Asian trace, lands another blow to Aryan Invasion Theory

The study says the no foreign DNA was found, suggests Vedic civilisation was propagated by Indigenous people, not foreign invaders

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