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China wants to open ‘gates of hell’: Builds deep drilling ship with aim to penetrate earth’s crust and reach the mantle

As per a report in SCMP, Mengxiang has been built by China Geological Survey, in collaboration with over 150 research institutes and companies. It measures 179 meters in length and 32.8 meters in width. It can carry over 33,000 tons of cargo and can travel over 15,000 nautical miles for 120 days between port calls.

Water found on the Moon could be formed by high energy electrons from Earth, finds scientists after studying Chandrayaan 1 data

Scientists have determined that high energy electrons in Earth's plasma sheet are forming water on the lunar surface.

Watch: NASA executes Armageddon-style experiment, crashes DART spacecraft on asteroid Dimorphos

NASA's DART spacecraft hit asteroid as an experiment to determine defense system capabilities against life-threatening asteroid in the future.

Solar storm to hit Earth on Monday, should you be concerned? Here’s what we know

On Monday (July 12), a high-speed solar storm will approach our planet at a speed of 1.6 million km/hour and affect electricity supply.

San Francisco to Bengaluru via North Pole? The route is challenging yet fascinating and economical. Here is how

All you need to know about polar routes and why airlines prefer North Pole route over South Pole route.

Huge asteroid as wide as the length of Golden Gate Bridge and three smaller asteroids to fly by Earth in early January

NASA revealed that the asteroid which will fly past Earth on Jan 3 is as wide as the length of the world's longest main suspension bridge

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